Sign in or sign out of Smartsheet

Signing in and out of Smartsheet: direct, SSO, third-parties, and enterprise methods

Get Started with Smartsheet

Starting your Smartsheet journey: Learning Center, progress tracking, and utilizing templates

Access and Organize Your Work from the Left Navigation Bar

The left Navigation Bar (Nav Bar) provides quick access to that important sheet, report, or dashboard when you need it....

Templates: Create Your Own or Use One from the Solution Center

Using and creating Smartsheet templates for standardization and customization

System requirements and guidelines for using Smartsheet

Understanding Smartsheet's system requirements: browser compatibility, file size limits, and advanced features

Create a hyperlink to a sheet, report, or website

Creating, editing, and removing hyperlinks in Smartsheet

Filter basics

Filters show or hide information in your sheet....

Create a filter to show or hide data

Create, use, and manage filters in Smartsheet

Access the Smartsheet trial plan when you request a licence

If you're an unlicensed user on your company's plan, you have limited access to Smartsheet's full capabilities....

Manage conditional formatting rules

Managing conditional formatting rules in Smartsheet: editing, cloning, enabling, disabling, and rearranging

Copy and paste cells, rows, formulas, or hierarchy

Copying and pasting in Smartsheet: working with cells, rows, formulas, and hierarchies

FAQ - Commenter permission level for sheets and workspaces

This article contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Commenter permission level in Smartsheet....

Navigate your work from Home

Stay up to date on recent requests and recommended Smartsheet items on your personalized homepage. From Home, you can: Access suggested items....

Find your way around Smartsheet

Quickly find your way around Smartsheet with these navigation tips. 

Sheets and rows

Create or rename a sheet or other Smartsheet item

In Smartsheet, most solutions start with a sheet: it's the primary place where information is stored.

Hierarchy: Indent or outdent rows

You can create a hierarchy on your sheet by indenting rows. When you indent a row, it becomes a child of the row above it (the parent row)....

Add, edit, or clear cell content

Editing cell and sheet content is easier than even with Smartsheet. 

Move rows, columns, or cells

Before you move or copy a row to another sheet, make sure the destination sheet includes identical column names and types....

Copy a sheet with save as new

When you copy a sheet with save as new, columns and conditional formatting rules from the original sheet will always be saved to the new

Delete a Sheet

Free up space and remove the clutter of Smartsheet items that you no longer use by deleting them....

Import files to create new sheets

Understanding sheets or reports imports to Smartsheet

Export a sheet or report

Understanding sheets or reports exports from Smartsheet

Save and Refresh Sheet Data

It's a good best practice to save your changes frequently to keep from losing work....

Keep sheets and other items organized in a folder

Folders allow you to organize Smartsheet items (sheets, reports, dashboards, and so on).

Automatically move or copy rows between sheets

With the Move rows and Copy rows actions, you can automatically move or copy a row to another sheet when conditions are met....

Find and replace values within a sheet

Use Find and Replace to search for specific values in a sheet and replace those values one at a time or all at once.

Insert or delete rows or tasks

Users can insert or delete single or multiple rows to organize their data.

Auto-number rows

To generate an automatically incremented counter for each row that contains data, use an auto-number system column.

Create a series of numbers or dates with drag-fill

You can quickly fill a range of cells with a series of numbers, dates, or a text string ending in numbers, that’s either sequential or an

Sort rows to organize your data

To organize your data in ascending or descending order, use the Sort Row command.

Copy rows to another sheet

Avoid manually duplicating your work by copying rows from one sheet to another.

Cell links: consolidate or maintain data consistency

You can only link cells that contain data, or previously contained data, to a destination sheet....

View your assigned tasks

The steps in this article assume that tasks are assigned in columns using a Contact List column type. Learn more about column types....

Include a picture or other image in your sheet

Images in the grid can be useful for many types of sheets, including team contact lists, manufacturer parts lists, and real estate lists....

Assign people to a task

In Smartsheet, you can use the Contact List column type to assign tasks to team members.

Use Work Insights to visualize your data

Work Insights automatically analyzes and visualizes your sheet's current and historical data.


Insert, delete, or rename columns

Column management: Inser, Delete or Rename columns

Maintain consistency in data collection with dropdown columns

Use the dropdown list columns to standardize the collection of key information: Allow collaborators to select one or more values that apply to them ...

Lock or Unlock Columns and Rows

Manage your data integrity by locking and unlocking columns and rows

Control data entry and allow only specific values in a column

Even when a column property is set, you can still type text or a new value into a cell. For example, you have a checkbox column in your sheet....

Change column details

Adjusting column attributes for enhanced data management

Column Type Reference

Configurable and Default columns, learn about Column type references

Available symbols for the symbols column

You cannot add your own custom symbols to the column. You can use formulas in a Symbols column. To do this, use the text values of the symbols....

Work With the Primary Column: Overview and Best Practices

Understanding and optimizing the mandatory primary column in your Smartsheet grid

Hide or Unhide Columns

Managing your column views

Freeze or Unfreeze a Column

Column management: Freeze or Unfreeze columns

Add a latest comment column

Column management: adding a Latest comment column

Use column formulas to apply calculations to all rows in a sheet

Implementing calculations across your sheet with column formulas


Attach files to a sheet or report

You can attach almost any file from your computer to a sheet, row, or comment.

View and download attachments

You can preview PDFs and images. To open or download other supported file types, select the filename....

Attach a file or link from an online resource

Here's how to get started: Workspace: At the top right corner of the Workspace, click the Attachments icon....

Keep file attachments current

Over time, attachments added to Smartsheet may become out of date or may no longer be needed....

Delete an attachment from a sheet or report

In the sheet or report, select the Attachments icon in the right panel....

Delete a comment attachment

You can't delete a file attached to a comment from the Attachments panel; Delete File will be grayed out....

Access and Download Files Attached to a Workspace

Share files relevant to multiple divisions of work by with all interested parties by attaching the files to a workspace....


Grid, Gantt, Card, and Calendar Views

Views in Smartsheet allow you to see and work with your data in different ways.

Work with Calendar View

The Calendar View is a reflection of the dates contained in a sheet or report.

Use card view to visualize your project

With card view, you can organize tasks, work items, or ideas into actionable groups.

Card View: Create, Edit, and Share Cards

In Card View, cards make up the work items or tasks in your project.

Act on Work in Motion with Mobile Card View

Take advantage of the power of your Smartsheet data with a visual mobile Card View interface....

Card view and sharing permissions

What you can do in card view depends on the sharing permission level you have in the sheet....

Publish a Smartsheet Calendar to iCal

To view your Smartsheet tasks in a non-Smartsheet calendar, you can publish a sheet from Calendar View and subscribe to it from any calen


Brand Smartsheet with your colors and logo

Maintain your organization's brand recognition by applying custom colors and uploading your logo to Smartsheet.

Create a Quality Logo to Brand Your Smartsheet Items

Achieve the best results when creating a version of your logo for Smartsheet by making sure that your logo follows these guidelines....

Format your data

Formatting data in Smartsheet allows you to visually enhance your information, making it easier to interpret and analyze.

Apply automatic formatting with conditional formatting rules

Use conditional formatting to change the appearance of rows or cells based on the values they contain.

Automatic Format and Formula Autofill

Automatic formatting and formula autofill are related features that persist patterns of formatting or formulas when you add content to a

Change the color of task bars

Task bars are the bars displayed horizontally in Gantt View and calendar view, and vertically on the left side of cards in card view....

Apply standardized date formats in your sheet

You can apply a date format which will be interpreted in the same manner for everyone on your team, regardless of their Regional Preferen

Specify Default Date and Number Formats With Regional Preferences

Smartsheet will display dates in the appropriate format for the Regional Preferences you've specified for your account....


Print a sheet or report from Smartsheet

If you want, you can print only selected rows from a sheet or report....

Print a dashboard from Smartsheet

How you print from Smartsheet will depend on what you want to print....

Set options for printing a PDF

When you print a PDF, you can choose between two options: Entire Sheet prints all rows. Learn how to print an entire sheet or report....

Print selected rows from a sheet or report

To print selected from a sheet or report, you must first select the rows, and then go to the print menu....

Printing tips and troubleshooting

How you print from Smartsheet will depend on what you want to print. Printing from card view You can print the contents of a single card or row....

Print a dashboard

When you print a dashboard, your browser's print window will appear and provide print options....