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Include a picture or other image in your sheet

You can insert images directly into cells in your sheets.


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  • Owner
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Images in the grid can be useful for many types of sheets, including team contact lists, manufacturer parts lists, and real estate lists.

This image shows images in the grid view.

Insert an image in a cell

  1. Select the cell you want to place your image in.
  2. Click the Insert Image button on the toolbar. 
  3. Choose the location of the image and click Open.

After placing an image in a cell, any text that previously existed in the cell will become the alt text that appears when you hover over the image. If there is no text in the cell, the image name will become the alt text.

There can only be one image per cell. If you insert a new image, the previous image will be replaced.


You can also use keyboard shortcuts to copy and image from your computer (Ctrl + C, or Cmd + C on a Mac) and then paste it into the desired cell (Ctrl + V, or Cmd + V on a Mac). (This method works only in Chrome or Firefox Internet browsers). 


Remove an image from a cell

  1. Right-click in the cell that contains the image.
  2. Click Clear Contents.

Work with images in cells

Images will expand as a column is expanded. However, an image will never scale to larger than its original size and it won't expand past 1000 pixels in height.

To zoom in to the image, to change the alt text for the image, or to download the image, double-click it to display the zoom view window. 

Compatible file formats

PNGAll PNGs are supported.
GIFAnimated GIFs can be uploaded, but they will not play in the grid. The initial frame will be used as the preview. The animation will play after you double-click the image in the grid.
JPGJPGs in the RGB color space are supported (this includes your camera phone photos). Images in a CMYK color space targeted for print are not supported at this time.

Tips for working with images

As you work with images in your sheet, keep the following in mind:

  • The maximum file size for images is 30 MB.
  • Cell history won’t show the image, but will show the alt text associated with the image, such as: Image: house.jpg. (Find out more on the cell history feature here.)
  • When you download a backup, images will be contained in a folder separate from other backup items. Check out our Help Center article on Backing Up for details.
  • Images won’t be included in when you export data to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, or Google Sheets. Instead, the alt text will appear in the cell. (Details on exporting can be found here.)
  • If you print to PDF, only the first 100 images will be included in the PDF.
  • Images are view-only in Update Request and Edit Row forms.
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