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Licensed sheet Owner and Admin can publish the Calendar View to iCal

Publish a Smartsheet Calendar to iCal

To view your Smartsheet tasks in a non-Smartsheet calendar, you can publish a sheet from Calendar View and subscribe to it from any calendar that supports the iCal format (many calendar programs do this including Zimbra and Outlook for Windows, to name a few).


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Licensed sheet Owner and Admin can publish the Calendar View to iCal

To publish sheet data so that you can subscribe to it from a calendar program external to Smartsheet:

  1. Switch to Calendar View of the sheet and selectPublish iCal  Publish iCal button in the toolbar.
    The Publish Options form appears.
  2. Make sure that the ON option is selected under Calendar. 
  3. Select Get link.
  4. Select Add to my calendar or copy and paste the URL to manually to subscribe to the Smartsheet calendar from your external calendar.

As you update the sheet, the changes you make will be reflected in the published iCal. However, the calendar data will be refreshed at the frequency specified in the external calendar program (there may be a delay).

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • This option is not available from the calendar view of a report.
  • This feature is not available for Microsoft Outlook users on a Mac.
  • Published calendars are replaced when you update them; therefore, changes made outside of Smartsheet will be overwritten.
  • Calendar View and published calendar entries display information from the the Primary Column only. You cannot change or add columns for display.
  • A System Admin can disable publishing; if your System Admin has done this, the Publish iCal icon will be greyed out.
  • Project sheet tasks with duration in partial days, hours, or minutes will still span across full days in Calendar View and in the published calendar.
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