Publish a Smartsheet Calendar to iCal

Smartsheet provides an integration to allow you to view your tasks inside many calendar programs including Zimbra, Outlook (for Windows), and other programs with the iCal format. Google Calendar users can also direct-sync their data into or out of a sheet's Calendar View. NOTE: This option isn't available from the calendar view of a report.

  1. From the Calendar View of the sheet, click the Publish iCal icon in the left toolbar to publish sheet data out to your preferred Calendar program.

  2. The Publish Options form appears
    Publish Options Calendar

  3. Make sure that the ON option is selected for the iCal (Calendar) field. If not, the sheet owner or collaborator with Admin access to the sheet will need to enable the option by clicking on the slider. NOTE: The sheet needs to have at least one date-type column in order to publish an iCal. Before publishing, set up the calendar in Smartsheet. 

  4. A new window will pop up. Click Add to my calendar or use a keyboard copy (ctrl+c) on the URL in the text field below this link, and paste (ctrl+v) it into your external calendar as an import. Mac users replace [Ctrl] with [Cmd].
    iCal Publish

As you update a sheet, the changes you make will be reflected in the published iCal, though there will be a delay. Because different calendar applications refresh external feeds, like the one exported from Smartsheet, with different frequency, the delay can vary. NOTES:

  • The Mac version of Outlook doesn't support subscribing to a .ics feed - this feature isn't available for Outlook users on a Mac.

  • Published calendars are replaced when updating so edits made outside of Smartsheet will be overwritten.

  • At this time, only the Primary Column information displays on all Calendar View and published Calendar entries and there isn’t a method to change or add columns for display.

  • This icon will be greyed out if you're part of a team or enterprise account, and a SysAdmin has disabled publishing from the global account settings

  • Project sheet tasks with duration in partial days, hours, or minutes will still span across full days in the sheet's Calendar View, as well as the published calendar.

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