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Printing tips and troubleshooting


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These are some common issues when you print from Smartsheet; here are best practices that will make printing easier. 

Avoid printing all columns from grid view

Before you print your sheet from Grid View, hide columns and save the sheet. When you print, the PDF won't include the hidden columns.

Include blank rows in your printout

When you select Entire Sheet, blank rows will not be included in the printout.

To print empty grid lines:

  1. Enter a value in the Primary Column of each blank row you want to print. (This will be a temporary value—you'll delete it before you print the sheet.)
  2. Save the sheet.
  3. Delete the values and then re-save the sheet.
  4. When you print the sheet, the empty rows will be included in the printout.

Exclude the Gantt chart from your printout

To exclude the Gantt chart from the printout, switch to Grid View before you print.

Errors when printing over 100 pages

There is a 100-page restriction to the number of pages you can print from Smartsheet to a PDF. To work around this restriction, change the print options to reduce the number of pages in the file. 

Here are some ways to reduce your page count:

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