Copy Rows to Another Sheet

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

People with Owner, Admin, and Editor permissions on both the source and the destination sheets can copy rows to a new sheet.

Avoid having to manually duplicate your work by copying rows from one sheet to another. 

TIP: You can copy rows automatically with an automated Copy row workflow. For more information, see Automatically Move or Copy Rows Between Sheets.

To copy rows from one sheet to another:

  1. Select the rows that you want to copy by holding Shift (select a range of rows) or Ctrl (select disparate rows) and clicking the desired rows numbers on the left side of the sheet grid.

    NOTE: If you select parent rows, all child rows underneath will also be copied. After you copy the rows, you can delete the child rows from your destination sheet if you don't need them. For more information on parent and child rows, see Hierarchy: Indenting and Outdenting Rows.
  2. Right-click on the highlighted selection and choose Copy to Another Sheet.
  3. In the sheet picker window, locate and select your desired destination sheet. Check the Include Attachments or Include Comments checkboxes if you want them to be copied as well.
  4. Click OK.

Cell data from a row (or multiple rows) from the source sheet will be copied into a new row (or rows) at the bottom of the destination sheet. (This process won't affect or alter the row in the source sheet.)

NOTE: This feature isn't available for columns; however, you can create a new column in the destination sheet and then use copy and paste to populate it with the cells from the source sheet.


Here are some things to be aware of when you use this method to copy rows to a new sheet:

  • Predecessors and formulas won't be preserved, but you can copy and paste them between the two sheets. For more information about how to do this, see the Using Copy and Paste article.
  • If the source and destination sheets have different column names or types, data from the row you copied will be inserted into new columns to the right of the existing columns in the destination sheet. If this occurs, scroll all the way to the right to find the data, copy it, then paste it into the desired columns.
  • Error: These Rows Cannot Be Moved. If your source sheet includes System columns, and the destination sheet contains columns of the same name that aren't System columns (or vice versa), you may receive the following error message:

    These rows cannot be moved because this sheet contains a System column with the same name) ... as a column in the target sheet that is not a System column.

    To resolve this, you can either rename the column or change its type so it matches the source sheet. (For more information about System columns see the System Columns article.)