Print a sheet or report from Smartsheet

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

You can print the entire contents of a sheet or report to a PDF, then save it or print a hard copy. 

To print only selected rows, see Print selected rows from a sheet or report

To create a printable PDF:

  1. Click Print Print buttonon the toolbar at the top of the Smartsheet window to display the Print Setup (PDF) form.

    Note that options in the Print Setup (PDF) form will differ depending on the view you select prior to printing.

    The image below shows the Print Setup (PDF) form for Gantt View.

    This form appears when you select Print; the image shows the form with some fields selected.
  2. Select the options you want to apply to the PDF and click OK. (Smartsheet saves your settings so you can easily use them again the next time you create a PDF.)

    The PDF file will either be opened immediately or saved to your computer based on your browser settings.

    If the file is saved to the Downloads folder, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J in Windows (Command + Option + L on a Mac), to open the folder and locate the file.

  3. With the PDF file open, click Print to print the file.