Create or Rename a Smartsheet Item

Sheets are the foundation in which information is stored in Smartsheet. There are a number of different item types to choose from in addition to sheets. You can configure sheets to track a wide variety of workflows—from tasks and project deadlines to reference and customer information.

Follow the steps in this article to create an item from scratch. Or, if you prefer, start from an example by browsing the Template Gallery and creating a sheet based on a Smartsheet Template. For information about creating a new sheet by importing an existing spreadsheet created in another program, see Importing Files to Create New Sheets.

Any licensed user can create or add a new item (Some items are only available to specific plan types, see our Smartsheet Pricing page for more information.)  The owner can rename the item after it has been created. The sheets you create are visible only to you unless you share them with others.

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Create a New Item

  1. Click the Add New tab  at the top of the Smartsheet window.

    The Create New Sheet form appears.
  2. Double-click an item in the left pane to create a new one.

    TIP:If you need help deciding which type of item to create, click its name in the left pane. A description of the type will appear in the right pane.
  3. Enter a name for the item in the Name field and click OK.

    NOTE: The item name can contain up to 50 characters.

The screen will refresh to show you the created item. Double-click on it to open it and get to work!

For more information about managing your Smartsheet items, see Find, Create, & Manage Sheets and other Items from the Home Tab​.

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Rename an Item

The owner can rename an item after it has been created.

  1. From the Home tab, right-click on the name of the item and select Rename.

    TIP: If you already have the item open, you can double-click on the item's tab to edit the name.
  2. In the form, type the new name for the item and click OK.

    NOTE: The item name can contain up to 50 characters.

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Overview of Smartsheet Items

If you need help deciding which type of item to create, click the Add New tab  at the top of the Smartsheet window and click an item type in the left pane. A description of the type will appear in the right pane.

Here's a brief summary of the different types:

  • Blank Sheet has no predefined columns and is similar to a blank spreadsheet.
  • Project Sheet allows you to create a project and enable Gantt chart functionality.
  • Kanban Sheet provides what you need to start a card-based Kanban project. More on Card View (Kanban View) can be found in Using Card View to Visualize Your Work.
  • Task List has several predefined columns, including Task NameDue DateAssigned ToDone, and Comments.
  • Browse Templates to find a sheet that has most, if not all of the structure that you need so that you can get started on a project quickly.
  • Report allows you to create a report. For more information, see Creating Reports.
  • Dashboard/Portal A Smartsheet dashboard allows you to create a visual summary of sheet data or an information hub. To learn more about dashboards, see Creating and & Editing a Smartsheet Dashboard.

    NOTE: Smartsheet dashboards are available at an additional cost. See the Smartsheet Pricing page for more information or contact us.

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Sheet and File Size Limitations

Smartsheet has set size limits on both your sheets and the files you import to ensure you experience the best performance of our application.

Size limit for your sheets:

  • Maximum rows: 5,000
  • Maximum columns: 200
  • Maximum cells: 200,000

Size limit when importing files:

  • Max rows: 5,000
  • Max columns: 200

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Video Demo

For an instructional demonstration on creating a sheet, please review the video walk-through below:

If you don't have access to YouTube, click here to watch the video.

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