Copy a Sheet with Save As New

To create a copy of a sheet, use the the Save as New command.

When you do this, columns and conditional formatting rules from the original sheet will always be saved to the new copy.

You also have the option to save the following:

  • Notifications and other rules
    • Sharing preferences
    • Notifications and Alerts & Actions rules (Rule recipients and Alerts & Actions Permission Settings)
  • Data & Formatting Options
    • Sheet data and formatting
      • Comments
      • Attachments
      • Inbound cell links
      • Sheet hyperlinks (Links to other sheets)
    • Shared sheet filters
    • Forms

See the More Information section of this article for help understanding the benefits of these options.

Create a Copy of a Sheet

  1. Click FileSave as New to display the Save as New window.
  2. Type a name for the new sheet.
  3. Under Save in, select the folder or workspace where you’d like to save the copied sheet.
  4. Click to show the options for Keep Notifications & Sharing and  Keep Data & Formatting and choose which items you want to save with the copy of your sheet.

    See the More Information section below for help understanding the benefits of these options.
  5. Click Save.

More Information

Notifications & Sharing Options

Sharing: Preserves any sheet sharing that you've set up. (Unchecked by default)

Notifications and Alerts & Actions Rules: Retains any associated Alerts & Actions rules with the saved copy of the sheet. (Checked by default.)

Rule Recipients and Alerts & Actions Permission Settings: Retains permission settings for the rules. (Unchecked by default)

NOTE: If a rule for the new sheet has no valid recipients (that is, if no one will be able to receive notifications based either on the permission settings or on the approved domain sharing list for the account) the sheet owner will receive this message in email: An Alerts & Actions rule on your sheet has become invalid. This sheet’s permissions settings are currently preventing recipients from getting notifications.

To modify rule permission settings for the sheet:

  1. Click Alerts & Actions > Manage Alerts & Actions on the menu bar.
    menu-bar ​​​​
  2. In the Alerts & Actions window, click the SettingsSettings icon icon in the upper-right to modify permission levels.

Data & Formatting Options

Sheet data and formatting: Includes information typed into cells and formatting manually applied to them. If unchecked, copied sheets will retain column names and types but all rows will be left blank.

Comments: Includes all row and sheet-level comments.

Attachments: Includes all row and sheet-level attachments.

Cell links: Preserves inbound cell links only. If unchecked, the cell data will be retained in the sheet copy but will no longer be linked.

Sheet hyperlinks: Maintains hyperlinks to other sheets. If unchecked, the cell data will be retained in the sheet copy, but will no longer be hyperlinked.

Sheet filters: Includes sheet filters.

Forms: Includes any forms that have been added to the sheet.

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