Issue: Sheet Appears to Be Missing Data

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As you work with Smartsheet, it might appear that  data is missing or lost. This may be because you or someone else has used functionality that is temporarily hiding the information you’re looking for from view. 

Try these actions to see if your data appears.

Turn off all filters

Click the Filter button to turn filters off.

Unhide all columns 

Right-click any column header and select Unhide All Columns to see if this brings the missing data back into view.

Expand all rows

Collapsed parent rows will hide their indented child rows. Click the drop-down arrow under the primary column header and select Expand All to see if this brings the missing data back into view.

Check the cell history 

If the sheet is shared, someone else may have saved changes to the same cell after you did, overwriting your changes. Right-click the cell and select View Cell History to see if your data is stored in the history. If it is, you can copy and paste it back into the sheet if needed.

Request access 

If you find that a report looks different for you than it does to someone else, you may not be shared to all of the source sheets. Sheets that you do not have access to will be listed as <unknown sheet> within the report builder. Contact the owner of the report and have them share all of the source sheets with you. (More information on sharing.)

What to do next

If none of these remedies allow you to see the missing data, check to see if you have a backup version of the sheet. For information about backups, see Create a Backup Copy of Your Smartsheet Data.

If you have not configured a backup for the item, contact Smartsheet Support. Someone from the Support team may be able to provide you with a checkpoint that contains the missing data. In your request, provide the following:

  • Date and time of when the data loss occurred
  • Name of the sheet