Tips for Using Copy and Paste

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There are different ways to copy and paste information in Smartsheet or between Smartsheet and other programs. The table below includes an overview.

NOTE: Currently, using copy and paste for columns is not supported.

TIP: An alternative to copying and pasting is to use the drag-fill method. For more information, please see Quickly Create a Series of Numbers or Dates with Drag-Fill.

When you want to do this Use this method
Copy data within a sheet in Smartsheet or between sheets. You can copy rows, cells, formulas, hyperlinks, and hierarchy. Copy and paste

Use either the right-click menu or the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste (Command + C and Command + V on a Mac).

Mac users should use Command in place of Ctrl.
Copy and paste data between Smartsheet and other programs, such as Microsoft Excel. Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste (Command + C and Command + V on a Mac).

  • If you're copying and pasting information between multiple sheets in Smartsheet, you must open the destination sheet in the same tab (after copying the information) as the source sheet.
  • The right-click menu commands (Copy and Paste) don’t always function as expected when you switch between different applications.
  • You can paste only up to 500 rows at a time.
TIP: If you've copied a multi-line cell in Excel or other program, double-click on the cell in Smartsheet before pasting it in to prevent the lines from spilling over into the cells below.
Create cell links, copy formula results, or formatting Paste special NOTE: This capability currently only works within the same browser tab. (You can't copy and then use paste special to a destination sheet in a different browser tab.) 

Copy and Paste Cells, Rows, Formulas, Hierarchy, and Hyperlinks

Copy and Paste Cells (within a Sheet or Between Sheets)

To copy a cell, right-click and select Copy.

To include multiple cells, click on one, and without releasing the click, drag your mouse around adjacent cells to highlight them before copying.

Copy Menu on Selected Cells

To paste to a cell, single-click on the cell where you’d like to paste in the information and press Ctrl + V (or right-click on the destination cell and select Paste).

NOTE: If data exists in the destination cells, pasting into those cells will overwrite that existing data.

Copy Rows within the Same Sheet

NOTE: If you want to copy rows between different sheets, please see the article: Copying a Row to Another Sheet

To copy a row, click the row number to highlight the row and then use the keyboard shortcut; or, click the drop-down arrow next to the rows number and select Copy.

To include multiple consecutive rows, click on the top row’s number, hold down the Shift key and then click on the bottom row number to highlight all of the rows in between.

To include multiple non-consecutive rows, hold down the Ctrl key and then click on each row number you’d like to copy.

NOTE: Copying a row does not copy its attachments or discussions.

To paste a row, click on the rows number and then use the keyboard shortcut or click the arrow next to the row number and select Paste Row. The copied rows will be inserted above the row you selected.

NOTE: If you paste the row by clicking on a cell, rather than a row number, you will overwrite existing cell data.

Copy and Paste Formulas

Use the instructions above to copy cells and rows containing formulas within the same sheet.

To copy a formula for use in a different sheet:

  1. Double-click the cell containing the formula to expose the formula.
  2. Select the formula and press Ctrl + C to copy it.
  3. Open the destination sheet, single-click on the destination cell, and press Ctrl + V.

NOTE: You may need to modify the cell references to make them appropriate for this sheet.

Copy and Paste Hierarchy 

Verify that the hierarchy is expanded by clicking the expand icon in the parent row.

Use the method outlined above to copy/paste multiple rows – the parent row should be at the top of your selection, and the last child row should be at the bottom. This will preserve the parent-child relationships between the rows.
Expanded Hierarchy

TIP: If you often copy/paste the same set of tasks to re-create the hierarchy structure, we suggest saving the hierarchy to a separate sheet. Then, when you need the section added to your current sheet, use the Copy to Another Sheet command to move the entire section to your destination sheet—this tip will allow you to copy the hierarchy without needing to expand first. For more information, see the article Copy Rows to Another Sheet.

Use Paste Special

Paste special enables you to customize what's included when you paste cell or row content.

This capability currently only works within the same browser tab. (You can't copy and then use paste special to a destination sheet in a different browser tab.)

After you copy a cell or row, right-click on the destination cell and select Paste Special to display the Paste Special window:

Paste Special Window

Use the table below to decide which option to use.

Use this To do this
Values Paste in the values that you’ve copied—if there is a formula in the cell that was copied, use this option to paste the result of the formula into the cell rather than the formula itself.
Formats Paste in the formatting from the copied cell, such as background color, font color, font style, etc.
Links to Copied Cells

Create cell links to the copied cells. This option will only be available if you’re pasting into a separate sheet than the one you’ve copied from, you have the appropriate sharing permissions, and you’re pasting into a column that allows cell links.

For more information about creating links between sheets, see the article on cell linking.