Content Automation

Content Automation

Introduction to projects, Content Automation templates, and documents

Projects are Content Automation’s way of arranging a selection of documents into a folder....

Introduction to Content Automation

What is Content Automation?

Content Automation is a content, brand, and marketing production tool.

Get started with Content Automation

This help article serves as your jumping off point with everything you need to know for getting started with your Content Automation acco

Set up your Content Automation brand

Learn how to set up your Content Automation brand.

Navigate the platform for Authors and Contributors

Learn how to navigate the platform as an Author or Contributor.

Content Automation user permissions

There are four types of users in Content Automation: Admins, Designers, Authors, and External Contributors.

How to log in to Content Automation

Learn how to log in to your Content Automation account.

Switch Content Automation accounts

Learn how to switch between your Content Automation accounts.

How to leave feedback

We love hearing from our users about ways to improve the Content Automation platform.

How to edit Content Automation profile and contact details

Learn how to manage your profile and contact details.

Content Automation glossary of terms

Learn important Content Automation terms.

Content Automation template library best practices

Learn best practices for your template library.

Navigate the platform for Admins and Designers

Learn how to navigate the Content Automation platform as an Admin or Designer.

Content Automation Account Management

Bulk manage Content Automation tags

Content Automation tags are labels you create to organize your teams in meaningful groups so that you can efficiently manage the content

Content Automation account branding

Branding settings such as color palette and logo are adjustable.

Manage Content Automation tags

Content Automation tags are labels you create to organize your teams in meaningful groups so that you can efficiently manage the content

Download or print your Content Automation reports dashboard

Content Automation reports can be downloaded and printed from the dashboard.

Add Content Automation tags to a team

Content Automation tags are labels you create to organize your teams in meaningful groups so that you can efficiently manage the content

Featured slides and announcements

Featured slides and announcements can help your team stay on brand when creating collateral.

Invite and remove Content Automation users

Admins can add users individually or in bulk.

Provide an email address for Content Automation template requests

Admins can provide an email address that will be shown to authors when their search or filters in the template library don't match any ex

Create new teams

Teams allow authors to see documents that are only relevant to them.

Access and navigate the reports dashboard

The reports dashboard allows you to view and print various reports.

Content Automation Asset Library

How to use your team asset library

Team libraries enable team members to access and share imagery relevant to the team/s they are part of.

Set asset permissions using Content Automation tags

Asset permissions may be used for either distributing imagery to specific teams or designating specific images to be used in templates.

Finding images in Content Automation

Users can search the library which is home to all images that can be used within Content Automation templates.

Set up team libraries in the Content Automation Asset Library

Team libraries enable team members to access and share imagery relevant to the team/s they are part of.

Uploading images to Content Automation

The asset library is a central repository for all the images, logos, and icons used in your documents.

Content Automation Documents and Projects

Re-edit exported documents

Review this article to learn about editing documents after they have been exported.

Manage reviews

Reviews are where a reviewer can manage all requests that have been submitted for approval and monitor any that require changes.

Create a project in Content Automation

Projects are folders that house a selection of a user's documents.

Copy content across documents

Review how to copy content from one document to another.

Duplicate Content Automation projects

Duplicating a project allows you to make a carbon copy of it and all its contained documents inside a brand-new project.

View and download exported documents

You can select the document to view a downloadable preview or download it straight from the export screen.

Request review of a document

Open/edit the document. Select Request Review in the top navigation bar. Select Reviews, located in the left-hand navigation menu....

Create a document from a Content Automation template

Documents can be created by users from their available suite of templates.

Add comments to documents

You can only add comments inside a document when you're editing it....

Share projects and privacy settings in Content Automation

There are different settings for privacy and sharing your projects in Content Automation.

Change the reviewer of a document

Changing the document reviewer refers to the workflow whereby the initial reviewer for a document is updated to another default reviewer/

Edit documents using inputs

An input is a globally accessible tag that gives authors the ability to populate a document with the content.

Share exported documents

This article will cover sharing documents after they have been exported by using share links.

Search for the the right template in Content Automation

Learn to locate the correct templates when navigating Content Automation.

Request approval of a document

Some users require approval before exporting a document.

External Contributors

An External Contributor user role is a once-off invitation to a single project.

Cancel review requests

Learn the process for canceling review requests on a document that has been submitted for approval.

Resize documents

Flexible templates allow users to resize documents. 

Edit multiple documents at once

You can simultaneously edit multiple documents with shared inputs.

Send exported documents to a professional printer

Send printable documents directly to professional printing services.

Check approval status in Content Automation

Checking for approval status is the process a user will undertake to check the status of their document after sending it for approval. 

Rename projects and documents

Learn to rename your Content Automation projects and documents.

Introduction to inputs

An input is a globally accessible tag that allows authors to populate a Content Automation document with content.

Build a new project kit

A project kit contains a preset collection of templates that users can add as a starting point when creating their own projects.

How to export documents

Exporting is the process of taking your edited document from Content Automation and converting it into the required file format.

Archive and restore projects and documents

From the Projects screen, select the ellipsis of the project you want to archive, then select the Archive option....

Move and duplicate Content Automation documents

Users can duplicate and move documents. 

Content Automation Templating

InDesign file ingest to create a drag and drop template

You can convert an InDesign package into a multi-page drag and drop template in a seamless experience....

Legacy InDesign ingest: Prepare a Content Automation file for upload

Learn how to prepare your InDesign file to be Ingested and converted into a Content Automation Template.

Drag and drop dynamic content creation and management

After building your template you will want to make it dynamic for your author users.

Add a description to a Content Automation template

Template descriptions provide template authors with additional context about the templates they are interacting with.

Build drag and drop templates

Drag and drop templates empower users with any level of design skill to create and publish their creative templates in a fraction of the

Legacy InDesign file upload to create a Content Automation template

Learn how to import/upload your prepared InDesign file into Content Automation and create a template.

Link an external font stylesheet to a brand system

External font stylesheets can be linked to a brand system.

InDesign ingest FAQs

Frequently asked questions in regards to InDesign ingest.