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  • Designers

Legacy InDesign file upload to create a Content Automation template

Learn how to import/upload your prepared InDesign file into Content Automation and create a template.


  • Brandfolder


  • Admins
  • Designers

This article applies to Content Automation templates only, which are different from Brandfolder Custom Templates and CI Hub. 

This article applies to the legacy InDesign Ingest feature. The new experience allows you to seamlessly convert an InDesign package into a multi-page drag  and drop template

If you haven't already prepared your document, learn how to prepare your file for InDesign ingest.

Import the IDML into Content Automation

With the InDesign package saved on your device, you can now import the InDesign file into Content Automation to create a template:

  1. Navigate to Templating from the main navigation bar.
  2. Select + New Template.
  3. Select Import an Adobe InDesign file
  4. Give the template a name and choose the exported InDesign File (.idml) file to upload.
  5. Upload the images referenced in the InDesign File, you can upload these into your asset library and then use the relink option to relink the images to the files in Content Automation. Skipping this step means your images will not appear. 
  6. Choose or create the format of the document. Your format size will pull from the size of your InDesign file and this cannot be changed in Content Automation, if you need a different size you will need to adjust your InDesign file size. When creating a format, select your export file time (PDF, PNG, or JPG). For PDF you will also need to select your color space. RGB works best for Digital, and CMYK for print. If you select CMYK you will also be able to set up your printer's marks. 
  7. Select Submit.

Your template has now been created! 

We recommend running a few tests to ensure you are happy with your template before you publish it to your author users. 

Publishing the template

Once you are happy with your template,  it will need to be published before it can be used by teams.

  1. In the templating screen, find the template you uploaded from InDesign.
  2. Select the template(s) from within the variation tab (you can select multipage to bulk update the permissions)
  3. Under permissions, select which teams or team groups you’d like to be able to use this template. You can also select all teams if you want everyone to have access. 
  4. We also recommend setting a category for your template, for example, if you have created a social tile, add it to a social category (or create a new one). This will help your author users find what they are looking for when navigating the template library.
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