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Edit documents using inputs

An input is a globally accessible tag that gives authors the ability to populate a document with the content. Various types of inputs can be utilized to help make documents as customizable or as stringent as necessary.


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Use inputs to edit documents

The document editing screen displays the inputs available to you on the left side and the preview of your documents on the right. Select one of the inputs in the sidebar that you wish to change to edit its value. Learn more about inputs

This image shows the input boxes on a document editor.

Text inputs


Text inputs allow you to edit text fields on your document. 

An editor field will show after selecting a text input. The editor will allow you to type alphanumerical characters just like a word editor and, in some cases, will enable you to format the text.

Things like font, location, and font size will be locked down to match your brand guidelines, meaning all you need to do is add in your content, and you are good to go! 

This image shows the input text process.

Adding too much text into an input will prompt you to remove some or adjust your content with an overset warning. 

Number inputs

Icon: Screen_Shot_2020-12-15_at_2.42.43_pm.png

Number inputs allow you to configure elements using a numeric value set as either a range slider or a field value. The slider will let you choose a value from a restricted range by selecting and dragging the slider from one endpoint to the other, and the field value enables you to enter a number value.

This gif shows number inputs.

 Image inputs

Icon:This image shows the image icon.

An image input allows you to add/replace an image (or logo) into a document. You can use the reposition tool to adjust your image's position and crop the image. The following actions can be done to assist in utilizing the reposition tool:

  • Move the crop box or image around 

  • Use the zoom-in and out buttons found on the top right-hand corner of the tool

  • Select and drag any corner of the crop box to increase or decrease its size

Select Apply to save the updates you have made.

Choice inputs

Icon:This image shows the choice icons.

Choice inputs enable you to select an option from a predefined set of values. Click the input to see the options available.

Spreadsheet inputs

Icon:This image shows the spreadsheet input icon.

Spreadsheet inputs allow you to create repeatable sections of content.

Select the input, and it will take you to a spreadsheet where you can enter alpha-numeric values. Use the column headers as guides to understand the values you must enter. 

You can upload a CSV instead of using the platform to enter the values.

This gif shows the spreadsheet input.


Frequently asked questions

What if I can't find any inputs when I edit a document?

This means the document is not editable. 

What if I want to change an input that is not editable?

Please contact your Central Marketing team or an administrator and submit your feedback/request.

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