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Administrators can create project kits.

Build a new project kit

A project kit contains a preset collection of templates that users can add as a starting point when creating their own projects.


  • Brandfolder


Administrators can create project kits.

When a user creates a new project, the project is empty until templates are added via the Content Automation Template Library. However, it can sometimes be difficult for authors to know which templates they should add or where they belong in the Template Library.

This is where Project Kits come in. Admins can create kits for their users by choosing a collection of documents that will automatically appear inside the project kit. For example, if an administrator creates a Social Media kit for their authors, the project may contain social- media related templates such as Facebook and Instagram tiles. This enables users to start creating documents sooner.

Create a project kit 

  1. To build a project kit for your users, you must create a new project. To do this, jump into the Projects screen and select New Project.
  2. Select the New Empty Project tile.
  3. Choose which teams you would like to be able to access to the project kit.
  4. Give your project a name and select Create Project.
  5. Once inside the project, select + New Document.
  6. From the Template Library, choose which Content Automation templates you would like to be a part of the project kit, then once happy with your choice, select Create Documents.
  7. Once inside the created project, select the Settings tab at the top of the screen.
  8. Scroll toward the bottom of the project settings to the Convert to a Kit section and select the Convert to a Kit button.This image shows the convert to a kit button.
  9. Give the project kit a name, description, and thumbnail. Then select Create Kit.
  10. The project kit will now be accessible to users in the assigned team/s when they select the New Project button.This image shows the project kit in work.

You can update the Project Kit from the Project Kits tab, per the screenshot below.This image shows the new project kits library.

​​​​​​​Frequently asked questions

What if the project kit contains templates that are not available to a team?

If a team has access to a Project Kit but does not have access to the templates inside it, they will only see the templates they have access to.

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