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  • Brandfolder


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Account Administrators manage templates, documents, and projects. 

Introduction to projects, Content Automation templates, and documents

This article explains the high-level differences between projects, Content Automation templates, and documents and how they interact with each other in the Outfit platform.


  • Brandfolder


Account Administrators manage templates, documents, and projects. 


Projects are Content Automation’s way of arranging a selection of documents into a folder. They are the top-level organizing containers that house the individual design files where users can create collateral. Apart from keeping your documents organized, they also manage what team has access to the documents within. This means an author in Team A can only access Team A’s Projects.

This image shows the project library.

Content Automation Templates

Content Automation templates are the framework and starting point for building documents. They contain editable inputs that allow users to customize certain elements of the collateral, including text, images, colors, etc. Some template elements cannot be edited to ensure all artwork created using Content Automation adheres to your brand's style guidelines. All templates can be found in the Template Library, which can be opened by selecting the Add document button from within the Projects screen.

This image shows the template library.



Once a user has added a template to their project, it becomes a document. Documents are the pieces of collateral that live inside a project folder, e.g., brochures, web ads, signage, business cards, social media tiles, etc. Documents may or may not require approval to be exported, downloaded, shared, or printed.


This image shows a document.

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