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Admins in Content Automation manage the template library.

Content Automation template library best practices

Learn best practices for your template library.


  • Brandfolder


Admins in Content Automation manage the template library.

The template library allows the team to see all active template variations available in one place. This best practice guide has tips and tricks to ensure your team can quickly find or discover the perfect template. 

Give Content Automation templates meaningful names

Names are a crucial factor for determining what a template can be used for and communicating a template’s intended use.

The search field uses template variation names and master template names to present options to the team (while the team can only see template variation name). We recommend unique and informative template names so they can be easily identified. When deciding the name for a template, think of what terms the team is likely to search for. If the team is likely to search for A4 Flyer when looking for a template, then this could be included in the name.

The template library also has options to show template information and preview so the team can see extra information regarding the template and the name.

To edit the name of a template:

  1. Head to Templates.
  2. Open the relevant template.
  3. Switch to the Template Variations tab.
  4. Select which variation you want to rename, followed by More, then Rename.
  5. Enter the new name.

Categorize templates

Creating categories is a great way to group templates. What categories you choose to make is entirely up to you. However, it's recommend to limit categories where possible, so the team isn’t overwhelmed with options.

Categories could be temporarily based on a campaign, or more general. For example, consider creating a Popular category to surface commonly used templates.

To create and assign categories:

  • Select Create New Document from the sidebar navigation to open the template library

Here you can create or rename categories. Then simply drag and drop templates into the relevant category or categories.

You can also drag and drop categories into your best order.

Use visual cues 

Consider using symbols or emojis in category names to highlight categories or draw attention. For example, ✨ New.

One creative use of emojis we’ve seen is using the ‘tag space’ emoji at the start of a category name to offset specific categories, creating primary and secondary categories.

Keep your library up to date

Templates are frequently created, updated, or archived. Categories should also be updated as needed. If you see a category that doesn’t have many or any templates, it’s probably time to remove that category.

To delete a category:

  1. Select Create New Document from the sidebar nav to open the template library.
  2. Choose the category.
  3. In the top right-hand corner, select More (...)
  4. Choose Delete category.
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