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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Administrators, Designers, Authors, and Contributors can send printable documents to a professional printer.


Send exported documents to a professional printer

Send printable documents directly to professional printing services.


  • Brandfolder


Administrators, Designers, Authors, and Contributors can send printable documents to a professional printer.



  1. Once your artwork has been approved and exported, you will be directed to a page titled Exports for this Project, listing all the artwork you have exported for print on this occasion.
  2. Each exported document will have a button labeled Download. Next to the Download button will be a drop-down arrow. On this menu, there will be an option to select Share with Printer for print-supported exports. Selecting this option will commence a print order.On the exports for this project screen the download menu is expanded, and Share with Printer is selected.

    If the button is greyed out, the artwork is not available for print due to its format or functionality – this is typically the case with digital artwork.Download menu is expanded and Share with Printer is not an available option to select.

    If you have exported multiple documents for print simultaneously, you must select the first item in the export list to Share with Printer. You can send more items to the printer once directed to the Order Form page, provided the printing partner supports the documents.
  3. Next, you will be directed to the Order Form & Artwork Items page. Here you will need to populate the print order details. 

    Underneath the Order Summary, the Pricing Sheet is available for review detailing the unit prices for the artwork you choose to print. You can view the printer’s details and any delivery methods and turnaround times information in the Printer Notes underneath the order summary.
  4. If you have not yet selected all items you wish to print, click the button that says Add more items to your order and follow the same process outlined above. You can also add duplicate artwork items to the order if you require.
  5. Once all documents have been added to your print order, you will be instructed to review them to ensure you are happy with their appearance before payment. Once you are satisfied with how they look, press Continue.
  6. Populate your contact details for Invoicing and Delivery. If the invoice address is the same as the delivery, select copy to delivery details so you don’t need to populate them twice. If different, then you will need to input the delivery details manually.
  7. A comment box for Additional Notes will appear for any details you wish to include for the printer. Press Continue to be directed to the order summary.
  8. Complete a final review of the order summary if you wish to update/change the order. You cant go back and edit the entered details.
  9. Once the order has been reviewed, you will need to tick the check box indicating you have reviewed your artwork and are responsible for the print order that has been created.  You can then select the green Send Order button to finalize the order. This will package all documents for print, and the order information will be sent via email to both the Printer and the email of the user who created the order.
  10. Once the printer receives your order, they will send you a confirmation email with a link for payment. Follow the prompts to complete the order.

Documents can only be sent to a printing service if:

  • Your Marketing/Brand Team has permitted one of the artworks to be assigned to an external printing partner.
  • The artwork has been approved and/or exported.
  • The format and size of the artwork are compatible with the printer's offered services (for example, a printer may be able to print A2-sized documents but not A1).


Frequently Asked Questions

My artwork can't be sent to a professional printer. What do I do?

Your artwork is unable to be shared with a professional printing service if:

  • Your Marketing/Brand Team has chosen not to configure the template for professional printing.
  • The artwork has not been approved and/or exported.
  • The artwork is in a digital format created for online use (such as HTML files, e-newsletters, or social media tiles).
  • The artwork is incompatible with the printer's offered services (for example, a printer may not be able to print an A1-sized artwork).

If your artwork can not be professionally printed, you may want to either:

  1. Check that you have not used a digital format template.
  2. Print the document on a local printer, such as one in your office or home.
  3. Contact your administrator to request that the template be available for professional printing. 

My print order is taking too long to be delivered. How do I track my order?

Once the order leaves Content Automation, all print and order-related queries must be forwarded to the Printer directly. You can view the printer’s details in the Printer Notes or by contacting the internal Marketing department.  

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