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Admins can access reports through the reporting dashboard.

Access and navigate the reports dashboard

The reports dashboard allows you to view and print various reports.


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Admins can access reports through the reporting dashboard.

Access the reporting dashboard

You can access the reporting dashboard by clicking the Reports menu tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

Please allow some time for the dashboard to completely load before leaving or refreshing the page.

Reports page permissions:

  • Any user with an Admin license will be able to access the reporting dashboard.
  • Due to the setup of licenses, we cannot restrict this access to specific Admin users.
  • Any user with an Author or Designer license can be provided access by contacting your Central Marketing team.

Dashboard basic navigation

Menu bar– positioned on top of the dashboard. On the left side of the menu bar, you’ll find the Undo, Redo, and Reset buttons. As you interact with the dashboard, you can use these as tools to help you explore, knowing that you can change your view without losing anything. 

On the right side of the menu bar, you’ll find a Print icon that will give you options to export your dashboard. 

Learn more about downloading or printing your Content Automation reporting dashboard.

Dashboard sheets– your dashboard has multiple sheets and these display as tabs across the top of the dashboard. You can navigate between different sheets by simply left-clicking the tabs. The general dashboard sheets include the following:

  • Account Overview - This is the main dashboard sheet that tracks the overall activity and provides reporting insights into your Content Automation account.
  • Leaderboard - this sheet shows the most active and least active items in a leaderboard format.
  • Users - all things related to Content Automation users are found in this dashboard sheet.
  • Teams - all things related to teams are found in this dashboard sheet.
  • Templates - all things related to Content Automation templates including individual template activity are found in this dashboard sheet
  • Project Kits - all things related to project kits including individual project kit activity are found in this dashboard sheet

You may see more dashboard sheets available to you to complement the additional features or custom reporting that you have.

Controls palette– underneath the dashboard sheets, you’ll find the controls palette. You can use these controls to filter the graphs/data on the dashboard. The controls will only filter the data on the current dashboard sheet that the control is in unless it’s a global control. Global controls are filters that live in each dashboard sheet and using this control will allow users to filter every sheet in the dashboard.

This image shows the controls panel for generating reports.

Type of controls:

  • Date Selector - this control opens a calendar that gives you the ability to select a specific date (i.e. start date and end date). The dashboard dates run from midnight on the date selected so for the end date the date is excluded. For example: if you’d like to run a report for the month of January, you’ll select January 1 as the start tate and then February 1 as the end date.
  • User Type dropdown - this is the most popular control that provides a dropdown list of options that you can select from.
  • Search bar - defaults to this type of control if there are over 1000 options. Type in a key word/s and select Search to see the list of items that capture your search term/s.

Dashboard widgets– these are the items that you see and can interact with on the dashboard which are the charts, graphs, insights, and narratives. You may need to navigate the scrolling bar and scroll vertically and horizontally to see the entirety of some widgets and you can adjust the number of elements you see by dragging either endpoint of the scrolling bar.

This gif shows the dashboard widgets.

Each widget has a dropdown settings menu on the top right-hand corner where you can choose to either expand the view of the widget or export the data provided on the widget to a CSV or Excel. Click the ellipsis (…) to select between the export options.


This imagae shows the export to CSV or export to excel option.

Frequently asked questions

Who should I contact to get access to the Reports page?

If you're an author user, please contact your Marketing Team if you wish to have access to the Reports page. The Content Automation team will then work with them to provide you with access.

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