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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Admins and Designers in Content Automation can can build templates and manage the account.

Navigate the platform for Admins and Designers

Learn how to navigate the Content Automation platform as an Admin or Designer.


  • Brandfolder


Admins and Designers in Content Automation can can build templates and manage the account.

What is an Admin and Designer?

An Admin is a content automation user with unrestricted access to all areas within the platform. Admins are the only users that can add users, edit teams, and access the account settings tab.

A Designer is a user who can build templates for users within their organization. Designers have edit access to all projects and their documents and Admin access to the assets and templating tabs.

How to navigate the platform as an Admin or Designer

The Admin view on the left navigation menu shows projects, approvals, assets, users and teams, templating, and account settings. The Designer view shows projects, approvals, assets, and teams.


This takes you to your project page, where you can view either your projects or all of the projects you have access to, meaning those belonging to yourself or any member of any teams you belong to. Learn more about Content Automation projects in the Creating Projects article.


This option takes you to the asset library, where you can view any assets you have uploaded and all the assets uploaded to the general account. Learn more about navigating the asset library.


This tab allows you to view all items pending approval, awaiting review from yourself, or approved. Some documents require approval before being exported. Learn more about requesting document approvals.


Admins and Designers will have the same access to this tab, allowing them to update template information such as permissions, preset data, and editing template code.

Users and teams (Admin only)

Admin users can add/remove/edit users and teams from this page.

Accounts settings (Admin only)

Admin users can edit the settings for the account. This page allows Admins to edit the brand library (account colors, logos, and snippets).

Webhook deliveries (Admin only)

If configured, this page will list webhook requests that have been sent. Webhooks can be set up on the account settings page.


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