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Admins can add tags to a team.

Add Content Automation tags to a team

Content Automation tags are labels you create to organize your teams in meaningful groups so that you can efficiently manage the content they have access to.


  • Brandfolder


Admins can add tags to a team.

Tags are a flexible tool, so you can bring your own organizational structure into Content Automation. For example, you might use Content Automation tags to represent regions, departments, services, or any other categorization you see fit.

How to add a Content Automation tag to a team

  1. You can start grouping teams by creating/adding Content Automation tags under Team Settings. There are no limits to the number of Content Automation tags you can have on a team.
  2. To add a Content Automation tag, begin searching for the name in the Add tags field. To create a new tag, simply type in the tag name and select Create option.This image shows the create option button when creating new tags for a team.
  3. After you’ve added Content Automation tags to your team, you can filter the list of teams by tags. Click the Filter dropdown menu, and choose the name of the Content Automation tag you want to filter by. You can filter by teams with no tag by selecting the Untagged option at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

This image shows the users and teams tags editing page.

Content segmentation with Content Automation tags

Content Automation tags currently work with project kits and template variations, with more features on the way.

In the project kit or template variations permission settings, you can select a tag to add all teams with that tag to the resource.

Whenever you add or remove the tag from a team, the resource permissions will automatically update. This allows you to automate permission settings when onboarding new teams.

You can also use Content Automation tags to quickly move content from a group of testing teams to a trial group, to a broader network release, simply by switching the Content Automation tags.

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