Differences Between Smartsheet Gov and Smartsheet Commercial

Smartsheet Gov offers the same level of core functionality as Smartsheet. At this time, certain capabilities and integrations are not supported on Smartsheet Gov.

Smartsheet Gov updates follow those of the commercial version of Smartsheet. As a new capability is released in the commercial Smartsheet environment, it may become available in Smartsheet Gov at a later time.

The following tables show which features, solutions, add-ons, and services are currently supported in Smartsheet Gov.

After September 14, 2021 you will no longer be able to access Smartsheet for Gov using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 web browser.

Core Application

Capability Currently Supported in Smartsheet Gov? Description
Free Collaborators Yes, unlimited Free Collaborators can view or edit sheets, view reports, and view dashboards shared to them by Licensed Users. To create sheets, reports, or dashboards a user must be a Licensed User.
Sheets Yes, unlimited The number of sheets that can be created and maintained for each user. Varies per plan.
Sheet Summary No Sheet Summary enables users to add high level information about the sheet. The Sheet Summary information provides users with a means to add metadata to a sheet or to aggregate data across sheets.
Move Row Action Yes Move Row is the newest action available in automated workflows. Use it to automatically move rows from one sheet to another based on conditions, such as status changes, or dates you specify. To use Move Row in a workflow, click on the Automation menu to access the visual workflow editor.
Copy Row Action Yes Automatically copy rows from a source sheet to a destination sheet without deleting the rows from the source sheet.
Reports Yes Smartsheet reports allow users to organize data, compile information from multiple sheets, and filter to provide a specific view.
Dashboards/Portals Yes Display charts, images and key metrics that update in real-time with Dashboards. Create a centralized information hub with Portals.
Dashboards: Widget Cut, Copy, and Paste Between Dashboards Yes Widget cut/copy, and paste allows users to easily scale existing widgets across their portfolio, by copying them between dashboards, or in the same one - making the creation and management of dashboards a less time-consuming task. Use the new right-click and three-dot menu to access these options.
Dashboards: Current User Filter for Report and Chart Widget Yes Current user for the report and chart widgets allows dashboard administrators to decide if the reports underlying the report or chart widget should be run as the widget editor or the current dashboard viewer. Selecting current dashboard viewer makes it so dashboard viewers will only see the rows relating to them on the report and chart widget. These new options are part of “Advanced Options”, which replaces “Edit Interactions.”
Dashboards: Chart Color and Settings Persist When Switching Chart Types Yes Users can switch between any chart type without losing the chart color customization that was set in the 'series' tab, and axis settings and axis positioning will persist.
Attachments Yes: Google Drive, OneDrive, Box
No: Egnyte, Evernote, Dropbox
Files attached to a row, comment, or sheet from your hard drive or cloud storage services.
Reminders Yes In-app notifications and email alerts sent to team members about upcoming deadlines.
Notifications Yes In-app notifications and email alerts sent to team members when specific sheet change conditions occur.
Comments Yes Conversations that are specific to a row, card, or sheet.
Conversations Yes Comments on a row and sheet are visible in the right panel in Grid, Card, Gantt, Calendar, Edit Row and Report views. View conversations at the sheet level and row level. Differences in Smartsheet Gov: @mention suggestions in Smartsheet Gov only include users that are shared to the sheet and are not able to be sorted alphabetically.
Conversations: Comments truncated Yes Long comments are truncated to improve read-ability in the panel.
Conversations: Enter key to send comment Yes Users can use the Enter key to send a comment, versus creating a new line. When first time users hit Enter within Comments, they are prompted to configure this setting.
Conversations: Primary column information in conversations panel Yes The Conversations panel now includes the primary column information from the associated row, making it easier to connect work with Conversations about that work. The primary column information is also included in the text input area at the bottom on the Conversations panel.
Grids Yes Familiar, flexible grid view that's easy to customize with multiple column types, conditional formatting, formulas, and hierarchy.
Gantt Yes Timeline view that shows task and cross-project dependencies, hierarchy, milestones, percentage complete, custom fields, critical paths, and filters.
Cards Yes Format that displays tasks on cards, organizes your work more visually with card lanes, and allows you to drag and drop cards into different lanes to move work through a process.
Calendars Yes View that displays all the dates contained in a sheet or report in a calendar format. Google Calendars can also be synced with sheets.


Capability Currently Supported in Smartsheet Gov? Description
Column Types Yes Specific column types ensure consistent data entry. Column types include text/number, contact list, date, dropdown, checkbox, symbols, and auto-number/system.
Multi-Select Drop Down Columns Yes Create more flexible forms and automation with a new dropdown field that allows multiple selections. To get started, right click on a column header to edit column properties or insert a new column.
Templates Yes, subset of templates most applicable to Government Pre-built Solution Center templates that allow users to save time and increase consistency.
Template Sets Yes, subset of template sets most applicable to Government A collection of Smartsheet items that provide complete solutions for a wide range of business needs.
Forms Yes, accessible only through desktop app Easy-to-build and customizable, forms collect error-free, consistent data.
Forms: Custom Subjects and Descriptions for Automated Request Forms Yes The custom subject and message that you can already add to automated update and approval request messages will now also be included at the top of the request form itself.
Forms: Conditional Logic No Show specific fields based on answers to other questions on the form.
Custom Color and Logos Yes Setting that allows users to brand their Smartsheet account and forms with custom colors and logos.
Automation Yes Quickly build and initiate automated workflows based on preset conditions in a sheet.
Document and Image Proofing Yes Proofing support in Smartsheet Gov for images (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif) and PDFs.
Document Builder No Generate custom PDFs for rows in your sheet by feeding each row’s data into a fillable PDF. Quickly prepare contracts, purchase orders, and other standard documents to advance the business workflows they support.

User Administration

Capability Currently Supported in Smartsheet Gov? Description
User Management Yes System Administrators can add, edit, and remove Smartsheet account users, and manage sheet ownership.
Group Management Yes Assigned Group Administrators can create groups of multiple users for sharing, sending, and collaborating on sheets.
Resource Management No The ability to track and review how team members are allocated across projects.
Activity Log Yes Track and view all of the activities and changes made to a sheet, dashboard or report.
Single Sign-On Yes Convenient setting that allows employees to securely sign into Smartsheet with their corporate log-in credentials.
Enterprise Access Controls Yes Allows System Admins on Enterprise plans to control what domains users can share to, sheet publication features, types of files users can attach, customize welcome screens for users, and automatically add Licensed Users within designated email domains.
Directory Integration No Synchronize existing enterprise directory services with Smartsheet to provision and deprovision users, and share user metadata.
Chargeback Reporting No Build an internal Chargeback Report by division, department, and cost center based on data synchronized with Directory Integration.This feature is dependent on directory integration.
Event Reporting No The ability to log and monitor user behavior, and view activity and actions taken within the Smartsheet platform.

Add-ons and Integrations

Capability Currently Supported in Smartsheet Gov? Description
iOS Yes iOS mobile app.
Android Yes Android mobile App.
Google G Suite Yes: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets
No: Google Hangouts
App integration that enables Gmail and G Suite users to request updates through Gmail, import Gmail contacts, merge data with Google Docs, attach and retrieve files from Google Drive, import and export to Google Sheets, sync with Calendar, and use Enterprise single sign on through OAuth.
Microsoft Office 365 Yes: OneDrive
No: all other Office 365 apps, Microsoft Teams
App integration that enables Office 365 users to create or edit Smartsheet tasks from within both Outlook and Outlook Mobile, attach files from OneDrive, import/export to Microsoft Excel and Project, gain insights from Power BI, automate workflows with Flow, and sign into Smartsheet with Azure Active Directory.
Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Evernote Yes: Box
No: Dropbox, Egnyte, Evernote
Add-on that allows users to attach files stored in Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, or Egnyte to a sheet, row, or discussion.
Slack No App integration that allows users to send Smartsheet notifications to Slack channels or as direct messages to individual users and to take action on Smartsheet requests from within Slack.
Teams No Add-on that allows users to export a Smartsheet sheet, report, or dashboard to Microsoft Teams.
Quip No Add-on that allows users to export a Smartsheet sheet, report, or dashboard to Quip.
API Calls Yes Enables users to programmatically access and manage Smartsheet team accounts and data using REST, JSON and HTTP success and error codes.
Live Data Connector No Industry-standard ODBC connector that enables connectivity between live Smartsheet data to analytics tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Qlik, and Spotfire.
Control Center Yes

Premium feature for business plans or higher that eliminates manual work, and centrally manages change across programs and portfolios with standardized project sheets, reports, and dashboards.

Exception: Smartsheet Gov Control Center does not support transferring projects.

Dynamic View No Dynamic View enables business owners to share only what is needed to the right people at the right time for viewing or editing.
Salesforce No Integration that automatically syncs data between Smartsheet and Salesforce to provide up-to-date info. for all stakeholders.
Salesforce Service Cloud No Integration that automatically syncs data between Smartsheet and Salesforce Service Cloud for enhanced visibility.
Jira No App integration that automatically syncs data between Smartsheet and Jira to deliver up-to-date info.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 No Integration that automatically syncs data between Smartsheet and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide up-to-date info for all stakeholders.
Data Shuttle Yes

Smartsheet Data Shuttle allows you to automatically import data from enterprise software systems like CRM, ERP, databases etc., directly into Smartsheet. Any system that can download to a CSV, Excel, or Google sheet can be uploaded into Smartsheet. You can also use Data Shuttle to offload data as an attachment to a Smartsheet Sheet or to an external cloud source.

DataTable No Visualize and collaborate on large data sets
Calendar App No Integration feature that combines multiple sheets into a single calendar for real-time insights and centralized efficiency.
Data Mesh No Smartsheet app that provides lookup functionality between sheets and reports.
Pivot No Smartsheet app that generates roll-up summary sheets, and enables users to create charts in dashboards using report data.
Microsoft Power BI No App integration that allows users to export and visualize Smartsheet data in Microsoft Power BI.
Smartsheet for Tableau No Import Smartsheet data into Tableau and combine data from other business-critical systems to help your whole team gain valuable analytics insights.
Service Now No App integration that automatically syncs data across Smartsheet and ServiceNow PPM to deliver up-to-date info. to all stakeholders.
WorkApps No Create dynamic applications to help coworkers and stakeholders easily access and review sheets, reports, forms, dashboards, and external URLs that streamline your work and simplify collaboration.
Docusign No Quickly generate and send documents for signature.


Capability Currently Supported in Smartsheet Gov? Description
Learning Center Yes The Learning Center is a centralized, self-service learning resource.
Smartsheet Community Yes, read-only Online community moderated by Smartsheet experts to get help, ask questions, and share tips.
Support by Email Yes Smartsheet technical support by email.
Support by Phone Yes Smartsheet technical support by phone.
Professional Support Yes A one-on-one help call with a Smartsheet expert to directly assist your business challenge.
Self-Paced Training Yes Smartsheet’s eLearning courses.
Individual Training Yes Live, instructor-led training in classrooms or online.