Brandfolder Sharing and Collaboration

Brandfolder Sharing and Collaboration

Contact sheets

If you and your team are looking for an easy way to print assets for evaluation and approval, contact sheets are the perfect way to enhan

User Agreement

Add custom usage agreements for users to agree to before interacting with assets.

User management

Learn how to manage your users at the Organization, Brandfolder, and Collection level.

Message users

Update users by sending messages through Brandfolder.

Allow public to request access

Allow users to request access to your Brandfolder.

User permissions

Compare the capabilities of the four different user permissions in Brandfolder.

Video streams

The video streaming feature allows Brandfolder users to embed video content on both web and mobile experiences.

Watermark assets

Set watermarks on individual assets or entire Brandfolders.

Assign Owners to Organization

An Organization must have at least one Owner assigned who has full control over the Organization and all Brandfolders contained within.


Introduce a subset of your users to the most relevant information using Portals.

Invite users

Invite users to interact with your Brandfolder assets.

Embed assets with Smart CDN

Embedding a single asset in your website or landing pages can make updating the assets across multiple pages easy and accessible for all

Share assets

Users can share a link to individual asset modules or groups of assets.

Bring your own CDN

 Brandfolder has the capability to support any CDN provider through the creation of a new distribution in your current CDN provider and p


How can I use Collections to manage my assets?

Privacy settings

Customize your privacy settings for each Brandfolder and Collection.

Request assets for download

Share assets without allowing users to download and share.

User notifications

Brandfolder offers a notifications experience that lets you stay updated on what is happening in your Brandfolder both in-app and via ema

Manage CDN usage

CDN usage details are available on the Manage Subscription page.

View only assets

View only assets are a way for Admin users to have complete control over who downloads an asset wherever the asset exists (Brandfolder, C

Apply password requirements

Set password requirements for users at the organization level.

Embed a Brandfolder

By embedding Brandfolder, you keep users on your own site and in turn increase session duration, page views, and search traffic driving t

Asset availability

 Control which assets are available to users with publish and expiration dates.

User groups

The user groups feature allows Admins to manage many users across all resources.