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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Owners and Administrators can define user groups.

User groups

The user groups feature allows Admins to manage many users across all resources. It allows you to define more detailed roles for your users and manage users in bulk.


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Administrators can define user groups.

Set up user groups

  1. Navigate to Settings > Bulk Management > User Groups.
  2. At the top of the User Groups page, you will find an area to input a group description and a group name. Once this information is input, select Create Group.
  3. A notification will appear stating User group created successfully! The group will then appear in the user group table. 
  4. You will then be redirected to a new page where you can designate which users to include in your newly created group. This image shows where you can invite users to user groups.
  5. In the add users to group field, search for the user's name or enter email addresses in the add users to group field. You can also copy and paste a list of users into the field. Do note: only users already in the organization will be added to the group. 
  6. If you want the users to receive an email notification, toggle on Send an email invitation. Select Add Users
  7. A message will display stating; We're working on adding users to this user group. You'll receive a notification when the users have been added.

Manage user groups 

After creating the group, select Return to user group to return to the User Group management page.

On the User Group page, admins will see a list of groups they can manage. Brandfolder-level admin users will see all groups shared across the organization. The list includes the name, date, number of members, and a red delete button. The delete button will delete the user group and remove all group members and permissions. 

This action can not be undone. 

Edit a user group

If you want additional information on a specific group, click on the group name in the list. Doing so will bring up a new page with the ability to view and add resource permissions to the group, view group members, invite and remove users, and edit group details. 

  1. To edit a group, select Edit user group.
  2. Change either the group name or description and select Update group.

Add and remove resource permissions for a group

This image shows the permissions tab for user groups.

  1. On the group's page, select the Permissions tab
  2. Select Brandfolders, Collections, Subcollections, Workspaces, Brandguides, and Portals the group will have access to from the Resource dropdown.
  3. Designate if they will be an Admin, Collaborator, or Guest from the Permission level dropdown.
  4. Add a personal message (optional).
  5. If you want the users to receive an email notification, toggle on Send an email invitation, then select Add permissions.  

If you select Send an email invitation when adding a permission, users will be notified via email about what resources they have been added to and their permission level. 

The permission table below the permissions invitation area shows the resource name, resource type, date created, permissions level, and remove button. Admin users with access to the group can select the remove resources button. 

Invite and remove users from a group

On the groups page, make sure you have the Users tab selected. 

To invite users to a group, follow steps 6-8 in this article's Setting Up User Groups section.  

You can remove users from a group by selecting the Remove button next to their information. Removing a user from a group will revoke any permissions granted via the group. Individual permissions granted will stay.


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