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  • Brandfolder


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Owners can monitor the CDN usage on the Manage Subscription page.

Manage CDN usage

CDN usage details are available on the Manage Subscription page.


  • Brandfolder


Owners can monitor the CDN usage on the Manage Subscription page.

CDN usage is calculated on a yearly basis. The year start date is the subscription_start date. Account owners can see the organization's start date and reset date by navigating to the organization level > Settings > Manage Subscription. Within the manage subscription page, there is an area for CDN Usage.

CDN usage details including Bandwidth, % of used limit, start date, and reset date. At the top there is a link for CDN usage details

You can also select CDN Usage Details which will open up another page that has additional CDN details including:

  • Bandwidth Usage - Monthly
  • Bandwidth Usage - Last 90 Days
  • Usage by Referrers - Last 90 Days
  • Top Assets/Attachments - Last 90 Days 

 Within each of these areas, you also have the ability to export a CSV of the data. 

A chart showing bandwidth usage monthly starting low in February 2022 then peaking in July 2022. A chart below shows the month, bandwidth in GB, and hits.


When you purchase a subscription to Brandfolder by Smartsheet, you are allotted a specific annual amount of Smart CDN Bandwidth according to the level of subscription. You can find the allotted amount on your order. 

You may upgrade the level of subscription at any time to increase the annual allotted amount of Smart CDN Bandwidth if you anticipate needing a higher amount for the remainder of the year. If you exceed the annual allotted amount, Smartsheet may true up the fees for the year. 

Use of any portion of an additional 1 TB of Smart CDN Bandwidth will be invoiced at the full annual amount.

Invoices for overage fees will be issued in accordance with the terms of the agreement with Smartsheet that governs Customer’s access to and use of Smartsheet services (the “Agreement”). To support a Customer’s evolving business needs and to avoid any untimely disruption to customer’s use of the Service, Smartsheet does not prevent a Customer from exceeding its annual allotted amount of Smart CDN Bandwidth. Smartsheet’s refrain from or delay in invoicing Customer for annual overages is not a waiver of any rights or remedies Smartsheet may have under an Agreement.

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