Project management

Project management

Estimate the budget for a new project

Budget estimation is typically based on experience or a set of quick calculations.

Set up project templates

You can create a template project with bill rates, phases, assignments, and all other typical project elements.

Project types

All projects must have a defined Project Type (Confirmed, Tentative, or Internal) in Resource Management.

Project portfolio overview

You can organize your portfolio to display your most important projects and find the status information you need for each project....

About work items

Work items clearly define the project deliverables, expectations,

Create and edit projects

Use project brief to build and manage projects

Every project has an individual project page where you build new projects and monitor them regularly as you progress.

Use phases for projects

Phases are a flexible way to break a project into different kinds of work.

Import or update multiple projects at once

Resource Management provides spreadsheet templates so you can add or update multiple projects at once.

Edit multiple projects

You can edit or archive projects in bulk. 

Create custom work status labels

Custom work status labels are updated by team members to help communicate their progress.

Create and manage budgets

Resource Management helps you budget and track projects by time, currency, or expenses.

Create a new project

You can create new projects individually on the project page or in bulk using the project importer.

Create a client list

Client lists are useful for organizing projects and resources by client.

Delete a project or phase in Resource Management

Deleting a project permanently removes all data for that project or phase.  

Add time and fee categories

When you use itemized tracking for time, time & fee categories can standardize how your team describe

Add project or people tags

Tags work well when you have basic requirements for filtering, but custom fields offer a lot more power....

Approve time or expenses

Approvals can be used to manage your organization’s time and expenses.

Add people to projects

When you add or change assignments on the schedule, the project page automatically reflects the changes.

Add custom fields for people and projects

Custom fields allow you to add properties to projects and people that provide helpful insights for scheduling, planning, and reporting.

Edit project bill rates

Bill rates are the hourly rates charged for work performed.

Manage projects

Stay informed with notifications and the activity feed

Email notifications and the Activity feed help you stay informed about what’s going on with your projects and people.

Transfer time from one project to another

It is not possible to merge projects in Resource Management, but there are workarounds listed below.

Manage tasks and assignments with the project worklist

The Project Worklist shows all Work Items and assignments for a project, organized by phase.

Manage the project schedule

The project schedule is an interactive view of each project's plan.

Track project profitability

You can track your project’s profitability by monitoring the budget bar on the left side of the screen.

Create a saved view of the project portfolio

You can filter your portfolio and save the view so you're only looking at the projects you want to see.

Manage expense categories

Expense categories are predefined classifications of non-labor or time related project costs.

Lock time entries

When you lock time entries, it prevents people from making unnecessary edits to project hours.

Use placeholders in projects

With placeholders, you can: Budget a project: Create assignments for specific roles and disciplines, without impacting anyone's actual schedule or u...

Legacy Resource Management

Legacy Resource Management and allocation

Legacy Resource Management (RM) is no longer available for new users....

Legacy resource allocation with project resource view

Legacy Resource Management (RM) is no longer available for new users....