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Edit Project Bill Rates


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Bill rates are the hourly rates charged for work performed. When you track fees for a project, incurred hours * the bill rate = incurred fees for a project. New projects use your organization’s default bill rate matrix from Account Settings.

To use bill rates, first create a default bill rate matrix in Account Settings. 

If you have custom rates for a project or client, you can edit bill rates in Project Settings so they apply only to that project. Changes to the default matrix will not affect bill rates set  in Project Settings.

Default BIll Rates

Te create a default bill rate matrix:

  1. In the top right corner, click Settings and then click Account Settings
  2. On the left side bar, click Bill Rates
  3. Add your roles, disciplines, rates, and people, and then click Save

Bill rates 1

When you add a resource to a project, settings for that person determine their bill rate. Resources can have a custom bill rate or a bill rate tied to their Role and Discipline.

Custom Bill Rates

To view or edit bill rates for team members:

  1. Go to the project and, in the top right corner, click Project Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Bill Rates

Bill rates 2Bill rates 3

Varied Bill Rates

If resources have more than one rate for a project, you can set custom rates for each phase of the project. When the team member report hours for that specific phase, Resource Management will assign the correct bill rate for the phase. 

For example:

Tamika works as a Creative Director for $150/h. She also works as a Designer for $100/h on the same project. Set bill rates for each of Tamika's roles in Project Settings

Then, create two phases for the project, Creative Direction and Design.

Now, assign Tamika to both phases. When Tamika enters time, or you make assignments on the schedule for either phase, appropriate rates apply. 


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