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Resource Management

Set up project templates


  • Resource Management

You can create a template project with bill rates, general phases, and assignments, whatever elements are typical in your projects. You create a template project like you would any other project.

Use naming conventions that make it clear the project is a template. For example:

  • Project Name = TEMPLATE: X-Project

  • Project Type = Tentative

  • Project Tag = TEMPLATE

Once the template is set up, you can duplicate it every time you want to create a new project.

To duplicate a project:

  1. Go to the template's project page and click Project Settings.
  2. On the left sidebar, click Create a Copy.


Create a copy of a project

If you have repeat projects with the same client, create a template project with the bill rates you charge that client and label it accordingly. Save it as an Internal or Tentative project type, so it’s clear it’s just a template. Now, you can copy this project every time you need that specific rate card. 

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