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Add People to Projects


  • Resource Management

Resourcing Administrators, Portfolio Editors, Project Editors, Project Members, and People Schedulers can assign people to projects. When you add or change assignments on the Schedule, the Project Page automatically reflects the changes.

Project Editors and Project Members can only assign people to projects they own.

Allocating Hours: Fixed or Flexible

Assignment allocation can be a percentage of time, hours per day, or total hours. You can use fixed hours or flexible hours. 

Flexible Hours

  • Percentage: Assigns hours evenly as a percentage of available hours (example: Joe is assigned 30% of his time to Project A)
  • Hours per day: Assigns an exact number of hours per day regardless of the person’s availability (example: Joe is assigned 4 hrs per day to Project A)

Flexible hours allow you to adjust the assignment when you change the project’s length. For example, changing a person’s assignment from 50% for 6 weeks to 10 weeks requires them to work on the project for longer.

Fixed Hours

  • Total: Assigns a fixed number of hours distributed proportionally to the person’s availability over the duration of the assignment (example: Joe is assigned 20 hours to Project A)

Fixed total hours keep the same number of assigned hours regardless of the assignment duration. For example, a person who was assigned to work for 100 hours on a project for 3 weeks will still be assigned 100 total hours if the project is extended to 6 weeks.

You can switch between the allocation types or to modify the plan as needed. Any edits to the Schedule automatically update the Project Page and suggested time entries on the Personal Page.

Adding Assignments, Team Members, or Phases

To create an assignment on the People Schedule:

  1. In People View, find the person you want to assign to a project. Click their row on schedule and then select New Assignment
  2. Select the Project or Leave Type you want to assign. The item will appear on the schedule. 

To create an assignment on the Project Schedule

  1. In Project View, click on the project.
  2. From the drop down menu, choose Add Team Member.
  3. Select the team member you want to assign to the project. 

To create a phase on the Project Schedule

  1. In Project View, click on the project.
  2. From the drop down menu, select Phase.
  3. Enter a name for the new phase and then 

To adjust the details for phase, team member, or assignment:

  • Slide the ends of the project bar to adjust start or end dates. 
  • Click on a phase to add team members or set the start and end dates from the pop up calendar.
  • Click on the team member to edit their allocation (for example, 20% or 10 hours per day or 50 hours total).
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