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Edit multiple projects


  • Resource Management

When project priorities or details change, it’s important to update this information, so the project data remains accurate.

Resourcing Administrators, Portfolio Editors, and Project Editors can edit information for multiple projects at once on the Projects Portfolio Page.

To edit multiple projects:

  1. Go to List View on the Project Portfolio

  2. Filter to the projects you want to edit. You can use Saved Views or Shared Views as your filters if they apply. You can only edit projects you own. Set the Project Filter to yourself projects you own. 

  3. For Project State, select Active. You can't update archived projects, so you need to filter them out before making your changes. 

  4. In the top right, click Edit Project.

    Project Editors can only edit projects they own. First, make the Project Editor the Project Owner, then select Edit Project. 

  5. Select the checkbox for projects you want to edit.

  6. In the right column, select the changes you want to make, and then, at the top of the screen, click Done

Project Selection

Changing Project Properties

You can change Client Name, Project Owner, Project Type, and edit Project Tags.

You can also bulk edit. Project Custom Fields, as follows: 

  • If the Custom Field is a text field, you can change this value.

  • If the Custom Field is a drop-down menu, you can change this value.

  • If the Custom Field is a multiple-choice drop-down menu, you can add or remove values.

edit properties

To create new client names or project tags, first create them in Account Settings

Archiving projects

You can bulk archive completed historical projects. Archiving projects ends ongoing assignments and removes future assignments. Project Editors must own a project to archive it. 

  • On the right sidebar under Actions, click Archive

Once you've archived a project, you can't restore it. 

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