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Resource Management


Who can use this capability

You must be a Resourcing Administrator to add custom fields.

Add custom fields for people and projects

Custom fields allow you to add properties to projects and people that provide helpful insights for scheduling, planning, and reporting.


  • Resource Management


You must be a Resourcing Administrator to add custom fields.

Custom fields for people can add properties including skills, certifications, managers, and organization structure to profiles. For projects, use custom fields to add business-specific criteria to your projects and specify properties such as Portfolio Editor, project priority, the likelihood of closing, business unit,  project IDs, and location. 

When you integrate Resource Management with other business tools or systems, add custom fields using the same tags or identifiers used in your other tools.

Projects and people can have multiple custom fields. You can filter those fields on the schedule, project portfolio page, or reports.

Create custom fields

Only Resourcing Admins can add custom fields.

  1. Select Settings in the top right corner. 
  2. Select Account Settings from the drop-down list.
  3. Select Project Custom Fields or People Custom Fields from the left navigation menu.
  4. Select Add, and fill out the following information:
    • Field Name: The display name for the custom field and its filters.
    • Field Description: Describes how this custom field should be used (optional).
    • Field Type: Select Text Field, Drop Down Menu, or Multiple Choice Drop Down Menu. Drop Down Menu, and Multiple Choice Drop Down Menu allows you to specify the options that will appear.
    • Default Value: The value that new projects or people will have pre-populated in this field. Select Apply default value to existing projects/people to have this value populate existing assignments.
    • How is this field used?: Determine whether you want this value:
      • Visible on the project or personal page
      • A filter option throughout the account and a display option on people view in the schedule
      • Editable only by administrators (people custom fields only) 
  5. Select Save to create your custom field. The new field will appear on all projects or people with the default values if applicable. Resourcing Admins and Portfolio Editors can edit custom fields in the project settings or profile settings, as applicable.

Updates on custom fields

If you update a custom field in Account Settings, the update appears in all projects and people using the field.

If you remove a custom field from Account Settings, the project or person will retain that value within their setting. As long as at least one project or person has that value attached to their settings, the option will still appear in the filtering options on the schedule and in reports.

Filter by custom fields 

Filtering a custom field in reports allows you to show specific items in a data set. For example, you can filter on high-priority projects or projects belonging to a particular portfolio editor. You can apply multiple filters. You will only see filters available in the data you have grouped.


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