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Resource Management

Lock time entries


  • Resource Management

In Resource Management, you can do the following:

  • Lock all time entries for a project
  • Automatically lock time entries after a set number of days

When you lock time entries, it prevents people from making unnecessary edits to project hours. You’ll also have time to review and approve time entries before you lock them, especially when you choose to automatically lock them after a certain period. 

To set hours to lock automatically

  1. Go to Projects, and then select a project whose time entries you want to lock. 
  2. In the Time Entry Locking section, select the option you want to use. 

Time entry locking

    Communicate with your team when you plan to lock hours for projects, so they can confirm their time before.

    Locked hours on time reports

    Once a time report is locked, only an Administrator or Portfolio Manager can unlock it


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