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Smartsheet Regions provides you control over where your data is hosted, making it easier for you to address your organization's regional privacy and governance requirements.


Smartsheet Regions FAQs

Where can I find information about data hosting options?

To learn more about Smartsheet Regions and our international data hosting options, visit the Smartsheet Trust Center.

Can I migrate my existing data?

The Region in which customer data resides is determined at the time of account creation and, to ensure data privacy and regulatory standards are met, no connectivity between Regions exists. For this reason, data migration between Regions is not enabled.  

To learn more, see moving content across regions.

Can customers with accounts in both the EU and US collaborate?

You can share and collaborate on assets with anyone, regardless of their location. To access the asset, the person must log in to the plan where the asset is hosted. For example, to access an asset on a EU plan, you must log in to the EU region. You can’t access assets across plans.


Do I need an account for each Smartsheet Region? Which region should I buy?

Your data hosting requirements determine what you should purchase.

If your organization hosts some data in the EU and some in the US, you will need two plans. If a single hosted region is enough, purchase either an EU or US plan.

You can be a subscribed user in one region and a Viewer or Guest in another. To create content in multiple regions, you need to be a licensed user (in the Legacy Collaborator Model) or Member (in the User Subscription Model) for each region.

Is storage all cloud based?

Yes, Smartsheet is hosted in an AWS Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany with backup in Dublin, Ireland.


Can I transfer item ownership between a US account and an EU account?

You cannot transfer objects (sheets, forms, containers) across regions. Smartsheet content remains in the region where it was created.


Are Viewers and Guests available on Smartsheet Regions?

Yes, though non-Members (User Subcription Model) or users without a license (Legacy Collaborator Model) users are region-specific. It is possible to be a Viewer or Guest on an account in the US and in the EU.



Can you create formulas that reference sheets in different regions?

No. You can’t reference sheets across regions in formulas. Sheets are not visible across regions, and you can not create cross-region formulas.


Can I use Smartsheet Control Center across regions?

No. Smartsheet Control Center (SCC) does not work across regions. There are separate US and EU instances of Control Center for purchase based on your US or EU plan.


Does WorkApps work in Smartsheet Regions? Can a WorkApps user in the US see an EU asset via WorkApps?

Yes. WorkApps are available on Smartsheet Regions. There are separate US and EU instances of WorkApps for purchase based on your plan. 

Data for Smartsheet assets within a WorkApp remain in the region where the WorkApp is hosted. For example, on an EU hosted plan, a WorkApp will include content from the EU region only, and updates are hosted in the EU. 

Anyone can be shared to a WorkApp, and depending on permissions within the WorkApp, may be able to make edits. Still, that data will remain in the region in which was created.


How does the API work in the new EU-hosted Region?

Smartsheet Regions Europe is a separate data island. As an API developer working on a Smartsheet Regions Europe account, you should be aware of the following differences from the standard API:

  • The base URL for each API call is instead of The API documentation uses in *all* examples.
  • Smartsheet Regions EU uses a separate token from
  • If you use a Smartsheet SDK, you must modify the standard config file to point to

Find the API documentation here.


Can customers consolidate multiple accounts across more than one region?

You can not merge accounts across regions. Please contact your sales rep to discuss other options.


Can you embed a sheet from one Smartsheet Region via a web content widget in another Smartsheet Regions-based WorkApp/Dashboard?

Yes, you can embed published assets across regions. 


Does the Smartsheet mobile app work with Smartsheet Regions?

Yes. When you log in on the Smartsheet mobile app, you can change your default region on the login page. Select your region at the bottom of the login screen.