Smartsheet Dashboards

Dashboards are the visual layer of your work in Smartsheet.

Add and edit widgets on your dashboard

Widgets help you organize information on your dashboards.

Create and make changes to a Smartsheet dashboard

Get started on creating and making changes to your dashboard. Create a new dashboard On the left Navigation Bar, select Solution Center ....

Widgets for Smartsheet Dashboards

Dashboards begin as a blank canvas, but take shape as you add interactive widgets to them.

Share a Dashboard

Share a curated set of data or a collection of resources in a highly visual way with a dashboard.

Control widget content when source is from a report

When you include a report widget (or create a chart widget that uses a report as the data source) on a dashboard, you can configure how people see the...

Embed custom content in dashboards and WorkApps

To successfully embed information from external sources, make sure that you have the correct link or embed code....

Chart Widgets

Using Chart Widgets

Modifying your Smartsheet chart: Customize chart types, titles, axis, series data, legends, and widgets behavior.

Create a Chart for a Dashboard

Generate live charts on Smartsheet dashboards using chart widgets

Apply custom formatting to your chart

Select Edit in the top right corner of the dashboard. Hover over the chart widget select the More icon > Edit....

Modify an Existing Chart

To change formatting, selected data, or the type of chart being used in a chart widget: Click the Edit pencil icon in the top right of your dashboar...

Compare Data with a Chart

Create a chart, for example, to demonstrate how your sales numbers are trending over time with a line chart sourced from data stored in Smartsheet....

Charts on the Smartsheet Mobile App

After you’ve added charts to dashboards from the computer desktop browser version of Smartsheet, you can view them from the Smartsheet App (available ...

Web Content Widgets

Using web content widgets

Web content widgets in your dashboard allow you to embed interactive content such as sheets, forms, videos, and more.

Validate Company Domains to Use with the Web Content Widget

System administrators on Enterprise accounts can allow specific company domains as supported sources for the web content widget....

More Widgets

Build report widgets

The report widget lets you display a report in your dashboard.

Build metric widgets

With the metric widget, you can display content from one or more cells in a sheet.

Using Shortcut Widgets

The Shortcut widget allows you to create a link or a list of links to specific URLs, files, or Smartsheet items....

Using Title Widgets

With the Title widget, you can name your dashboard and better organize your widgets....

Using Rich Text Widgets

The Rich Text widget allows you to enter any text string that you want to use for titles, instructions, updates, or any other type of text....

Using image widgets

The Image widget allows you to add a company logo, employee photos, or other images to your dashboard....