Add and Edit Widgets on your Dashboard

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Build and update your dashboard with widgets.

Add Widgets to your Dashboard

To build out your dashboard, you will add widgets to it. To add new widgets:

  1. Select the  + icon on the configuration bar.
  2. Select the desired widget from the Add Widget panel. 
  3. Click Save to save your changes.

Add Widget

Update widget properties

Once you’ve created your widget, you can update widget settings such as the data source, widget colors, and fonts. To update a widget’s properties:

  • Double click any widget 


  • Click a widget and choose the Widget Properties option in the right rail

Your selected widget is highlighted; the rest of the dashboard is greyed out. The selected widget’s properties are displayed in the Widget Properties panel. 

To switch between widgets simply click any other widget.

Widget Properties

Resize and move widgets

To resize and move your widgets: 

  1. Hover over the bottom right corner of the widget.
  2. Click and drag the square to adjust the size.
  3. Click and drag the widget to the desired location.

Edit text and titles

Widget titles and labels are updated in the Widget Properties panel, while title and rich text widgets are edited in-line. 


Copy and paste widgets

Once you cut or copy a widget, you can paste it in the dashboard in which it exists or in a different dashboard. (You can paste a widget in any dashboard to which you have Owner or Admin sharing permissions.)

To Cut/Copy and then Paste a widget:

  1. Hover over the widget that you want to cut or copy.
  2. Click the More Options icon More Options icon and select Copy or Cut.
    Cut Copy
  3. To paste the widget, right-click an empty part of the dashboard (or switch to a different dashboard to which you have Owner or Admin sharing permissions) and select Paste Here.

Standard keyboard shortcuts, like ctrl-c on windows and apple-c on mac, are also supported on dashboards to quickly cut, copy, and paste widgets.

To paste a widget directly below an existing widget, click the More Options icon  and select Paste. A shadow the shape and size of the widget shows you where the widget will be placed. Other widgets may move to make space for the new widget.

Remove widgets

To remove unwanted widgets from your dashboard:

  1. Select the widget and press Backspace or Delete, or right-click on the widget and select Delete.
  2. Click Save to save your changes.

You can also right-click on the widget and select the delete option.