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Using Metric Widgets


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With the Metric widget, you can display content from one or more cells in a sheet.

In order to add data from a sheet using the metric widget, you must have Viewer permissions or higher on that sheet.

After selecting this widget type, click Add Data to choose the sheet and cells containing the data you'd like to display.

You have the option of selecting either Grid data or Sheet Summary data as the data source:

  • If you chose Grid data, select the cells you would like to display in the metric widget and click OK.
  • If you selected Sheet Summary data, check the boxes of the sheet summary fields you would like to display and click OK.

Select Data

  • If you want to display the data in a grid format, you'll need to first create a report and use the Report widget type.
  • If you want to display new fields as they’re added to or deleted from the source sheet, then you’ll need to manually add or remove them from the metric widget as well.

Once you've chosen the data to display, use the steps below to make the widget look the way you want.

To do this

Follow these steps

Change how the data in the widget is aligned

In the widget properties panel, click either Stacked or Side-by-Side.


Change font formatting

Click the cursor on the item you want to change, then use the popup formatting menu to change your text. 

Add a title to the widget

Under the Title section of the configurator, toggle “Show title” on. 

Adjust the formatting for each field in the widget

To do this, click the field directly within the widget and then choose from the available formatting options on the tool bar.

Enable the formatting from the underlying sheet to show in a field

Click on the field and then click Use Cell Formatting:


Edit the interaction of the widget (interaction is what happens when you click the widget)

While editing the widget, navigate to Widget Behavior in the configurator and choose an option from the “When someone clicks this widget” list of options. These options include: :

  • Do nothing (no action)
  • Open the source sheet
  • Go to a URL
  • Open a Smartsheet item
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