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Using image widgets


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The Image widget allows you to add a company logo, employee photos, or other images to your dashboard.

Click the widget and then click Insert Image to select an image. You can upload an image from your computer or insert an image from Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox. The accepted file types for images in the Image widget are jpg, gif, or png. You may need to be the file owner on the corresponding online storage service in order to access and edit it. For more information about compatible third-party file hosting services, see Attach a file or link from an online resource.

After inserting the image, use the steps below to make the widget look the way you want.

To do this:

Follow these steps:

Add a title to the widget

Toggle Display Title on. This will, by default, display the image filename. You can change the default by clicking the field and typing in a new title.

Adjust the formatting for the title of the widget.

Click on the title field and then choose from the available formatting options.

Edit the interaction of the widget (interaction is what happens when you click the widget)

Click Edit Interaction and choose one of the interaction options:

  • Do nothing (no action)
  • Open the source sheet
  • Go to a URL
  • Open a Smartsheet item

Edit the widget and then click Done


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