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  • Enterprise

Rich Text widgets options

With the Rich Text widget, you can enter any text string that you want to use for titles, instructions, updates, or any other type of text.


  • Smartsheet
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

After adding your text, you can:

  • Add a title to the widget. Select Show Title in the Widget Properties panel and enter your widget title. 
  • Adjust the text formatting. To do this, select the text and then choose from the available formatting options.
  • Make links and email addresses clickable. Type a space at the end of the link or email address OR select the text and customize the link text. 


Clicking the URL automatically opens it in a new tab. Clicking an email address automatically opens a new email in your system’s default mail app. 


Make your changes and select Done.

Format your URLs

In the Edit URL menu, you can edit:

  • Link. Copy and paste any link you want or easily remove the one you have.
  • Display Text. Personalize the text you want readers to see.

In the Edit Smartsheet Item menu, you can edit:

  • Select Smartsheet Item. Select a Smartsheet item to link directly to the URL. 
  • Display Text. Personalize the text you want readers to see.


Clicking the Smartsheet item opens it in the same tab you are.


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