Control Widget Content When Source Is From a Report

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

Licensed users with Owner or Admin permissions can add or edit dashboard widgets. You’ll also need Owner or Admin permissions to the report you want to use as the source. Anyone with Viewer permissions to the dashboard will see the widget.




When you include a report widget (or create a chart widget that uses a report as the data source) on a dashboard, you can configure how people see the data it displays. You can choose one of two perspectives from which you want people to view the content:

  • From the perspective of the widget editor—that is, the last person who edited the widget. What's displayed will be based on that user’s permissions to see the content.

  • From the perspective of the dashboard viewer (the person viewing the dashboard)—that, is the data displayed will be based on the person's own sharing permissions.

Configure a report widget to display information

You can use these same steps to configure a chart widget that's based on report data.

To configure the widget:

  1. Open the configuration panel for the report widget of your choice by double clicking it or selecting Edit from the context menu.
  2. Within the Viewer Mode section of the configurator, you may choose between Last widget editor and Their own perspective.
    Viewer Mode
  • Last Widget editor: (You are the widget editor in this case) Use this option if you want people to see the data in the widget as you are able to see it, and you want it to remain the same for all viewers, no matter who is viewing the dashboard.

    NOTE: If the report includes a “Current User” filter, the person who adds the report widget to the dashboard will be treated as the current user for everyone else who views the dashboard. (All viewers will see tasks assigned to you, for example). For more information about current user report criteria, see Creating Reports.

    IMPORTANT: With this option, people will be able to see information that they might not otherwise have access to. That is, people will have access to the information you display in the report widget, even if they are not  shared on the underlying sheets.
  • Their own perspective: Use this option if you want the report to display only data that the person viewing the dashboard has access to. The person viewing the data must be shared to the sheets from which the report was created. If the “Current User” filter is applied to the underlying report, viewers will see only rows with their name in the contact column. For more information about current user report criteria, see Creating Reports.

    NOTE:  If you publish a dashboard with a report widget set to run as the dashboard viewer, the widget will display the following message: This widget has an advanced option applied and cannot be displayed in a published dashboard.

That’s it. The widget will now show information as you’ve specified.