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Dashboard widgets and sharing in the Pro plan

The Pro plan offers new, enhanced features. Upgrading to Pro ensures you have the latest in Smartsheet technology.


  • Pro

Individual plans are no longer available for purchase.

The Smartsheet Pro plan has its own guidelines with regard to sharing and dashboard widgets:

  • Collaborators: Share any single sheet, report, or dashboard with up to ten people at edit access or above.
  • Dashboard widgets: Add up to ten widgets to each dashboard.
  • Viewers: You can have unlimited viewers on all Smartsheet objects.

If you want collaborators to edit shared objects (sheets, reports, or dashboards), they must be licensed users on your Pro plan and have Editor or above permission. To learn more about Smartsheet plans, see the Pricing page.

Make the switch to the Pro plan

When you switch to a Pro plan, permissions for people shared to assets (sheets, reports, or dashboards) in the plan may change. 

Share assets

  • You must be an Admin, Owner, or Editor—can share to share an asset. 
  • Sharing with write access is limited to ten collaborators per asset. 
  • Users outside the Pro Plan have view access only. Even if they’re shared as an Editor or an Admin, they must be licensed members on the same plan to make changes to the asset. 

People you can share assets with

  • You can share assets to ten editors total, but you can have an unlimited number of viewers. 
  • You can share assets with external collaborators, but because they’re not on your plan, they will have read-only access regardless of their permission settings. Add them to your plan as a licensed user if you want to give them edit access.

Dashboard widgets

Build ten widgets per dashboard. If you attempt to add more widgets, an error message displays prompting you to upgrade your plan.


Reports can only reference one source sheet, and the grouping and summary functionalities aren't available.

Email limits

  • Send up to 300 emails from Smartsheet per day. Smartsheet sends emails you @mention someone in a conversation, send a row, share a Smartsheet item, send a form submission confirmation, and more.
  • If you need to send more than 300 emails per day, you will need to upgrade to one of our other plans.

I’m on an Individual plan now. Should I make the switch to Pro?

Individual plans are no longer available for purchase. To learn more about Smartsheet plans, see the Pricing page

While you consider your options, assess your needs and goals. If you regularly need to share and collaborate with more than ten people or if people outside your plan need to edit your sheets, a Business plan may be the best choice for your growing organization. However, if your team sits inside a larger enterprise, your organization may already be using Smartsheet. You may be able to take advantage of an existing Enterprise plan. 

To find out if there’s already a plan in place at your organization, contact your Sales representative. If you don't have a Sales representative, then contact us.

My access to a sheet has been downgraded to view only. What happened?

The access permissions you have to a sheet or other Smartsheet items depends on the permission level granted by the asset owner. 

Here are some common reasons your permissions may have changed:

  • Someone changed permissions to the sheet or other item. 
  • Someone moved the sheet to a different workspace and you don't have access to that workspace.
  • The asset owner switched to a different plan. If they switched from a legacy Individual plan to a Pro plan, your permissions might have changed. 

You can always request access to the item again. The owner may be able to grant you renewed access, depending on their plan and how many people the asset is already shared with.

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