Widget Types for Smartsheet Dashboards

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and Admins can add or edit dashboard widgets. A license is required.

Dashboards begin as a blank canvas, but take shape as you add interactive widgets to them. There are eight widget types to customize and arrange however you want to create the view that works best for your needs.

For the basics on how to create and edit a dashboard, visit our Create and Make Changes to a Smartsheet Dashboard article.




Display content from one or more cells in a sheet


Real time chart based on a table of data from your sheet.


Create a link or a list of links to specific URLs, files, or Smartsheet items.

Rich Text

Any text string that you want to use for titles, instructions, updates, or any other type of text.


Display a report in your dashboard. Users shared to the dashboard don't always need access to the underlying sheets to see the content of the report.


Add a company logo, employee photos, or other images to your dashboard.


Name your dashboard and better organize your widgets.

Web Content

Add interactive content to your dashboard, such as Tableau charts, Smartsheet Forms, YouTube videos, and more.

With the chart, metric, and report widgets, as a dashboard Owner or Admin you will be able to add live data from sheets and reports to a dashboard. Your ability to add data using these widgets depends on your sharing permissions to the sheet or report, as well as the dashboard.

  • Before you can add data to a dashboard with a metric widget or a chart widget, you must first have access to the sheet that you want to reference. More information on sheets can be found in Creating Sheets.
  • Before you can add data to a dashboard with a report widget, you must first have access to a report. More information on reports can be found in Creating Reports.
  • Before you can add data to a dashboard with a web content widget, you must first have access to the source application where the data exists. 

Here's a table to help show you what permissions are needed to add data to a dashboard.

Widget that you want to add

Permissions that you need on the source item


Report: Owner or Admin*


Sheet: Owner, Editor, or Admin*


Sheet: Owner, Editor, or Admin*

Web content

Varies based on the source application*