Using Report Widgets

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The Report widget allows you to display a report in your dashboard.

Users shared to the dashboard don't always need access to the underlying sheets to see the content of the report. You have control over what viewers can see from the report. For more information, see Control Widget Content When Source Is From a Report.

Click the widget and then click Select Report to choose a report.

You must have Admin-level sharing permissions or higher on the source report to add it to a dashboard with the Report widget.

After selecting the report, use the steps below to make the widget look the way you want.

To do this

Follow these steps

Add a title to the widget

Check the box next to Display Title.

This will, by default, display the title of the report. You can change the default by clicking the field and typing in a new title.

Adjust the formatting for the title of the widget.

Click on the title field and then choose from the available formatting options.

Remove formatting from the report

Click Remove Formatting Remove formatting.

Edit the interaction of the widget (interaction is what happens when you click the widget)

Edit the Report Widget and click Advanced Options. Under When this widget is clicked on, choose one of the following interaction options:

  • Do nothing (no action)
  • Open the source sheet
  • Go to a URL
  • Open a Smartsheet item

Show or Hide the Gantt chart

Edit the Report Widget and then select the Hide Gantt toggle

Show grouping and summary data Expand and collapse grouping & summary data. By default, the report will have its groups expanded. If the report is over the page size, the groups will be collapsed and cannot be expanded.
Collapse Grouped Report

Keep the following in mind when using the Report Widget:

  • A maximum of 150 rows will appear from the report. If you need to display more than that on a dashboard, you'll need to consider creating multiple reports and report widgets.
  • By default, the widget’s data is scoped to the Widget editor. That means the Report widget will display the widget editor’s report results. If you would like the Report widget to show data the Dashboard viewer has access to and their results, especially if the Current user criteria is applied to the underlying report, change the widget’s data is scoped by to Dashboard Viewer.  For more information on using Current user in reports, check out the article on Viewing Your Assigned Tasks.
  • If you publish a dashboard and the widget is set to run as the Dashboard viewer, the widget will be blank with the message "This widget has an advanced option applied and cannot be displayed in a published dashboard."
  • If you're using the Current user criterion in your report, the Report widget will always display tasks assigned to the person that added it to the dashboard. For more information on using Current user in reports, check out the article on Viewing Your Assigned Tasks.
  • The Attachments and Comments columns from the report won't appear in the widget.
  • Only Grid and Gantt Views can be displayed in the widget.

Make your changes and then click Done

NOTE: If the person who created a report or chart widget becomes removed from sharing from the dashboard or from the source report of the widget, the report data will no longer be displayed and the widget will display an error message instead.

To resolve this, make one of the following adjustments:

  • Create a copy of the dashboard
  • Edit the widget and reselect the desired sheet or report. (Must be an Admin on the dashboard and a Viewer on the sheet or report)