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Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and Admins can add or edit dashboard widgets.

Build report widgets

The report widget lets you display a report in your dashboard.


  • Smartsheet
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


The sheet Owner and Admins can add or edit dashboard widgets.

Users shared to the dashboard don't always need access to the underlying sheets to see the content of the report. You have control over what viewers can see from the report.

To add a report widget

  • In the right toolbar, select Add widgets Add Widgets icon > Reports.

You must be an Owner or Admin on the source report to use the report in a widget.

Customize your report widget

In the Report Widget pane, you can edit the following attributes: 

  • Report & Formatting
  • Title
  • Widget Behavior
  • Viewer Mode

Modify your report and its format

To do this
Follow these steps

Change your source report

  1. In the Data Source field, select Change.
  2. Search for a report. 
  3. Select OK.

Set up the maximum number of rows you want to display

In the Maximum number of rows to display box, enter a number

Show or hide the Gantt View in your report

Select the Hide Gantt toggle

Show or hide the summary data in your report Select the Collapsed Group Report toggle

Edit the widget title

By default, Smartsheet shows the title of the source report. If you want to edit the title of your report widget, follow these steps:

  1. In the Report Widget pane, expand the Title section. 
  2. In the box below the Show title toggle, modify the title of your report widget.
    You can edit the default title directly in the report widget. To do this, double-click the Report Widget. Then, select the title section to change the title.
  3. Optional: In the Title Styling section, edit the text format of your title. 
    After you double-click the report widget and select its title section, a toolbar will appear. Use that toolbar to edit the text format directly in the report widget.

Set the widget behavior

In the Widget Behavior section, select what should happen when a user clicks the report widget:

  • Take no action - This will keep your report widget static
  • Open the data source - Choose this if you want to lead the user to the source report 
  • Open another site… - Choose this if you want to lead the user to a site relevant to the report
  • Open a Smartsheet item - Choose this if you want to lead the user to a Smartsheet item relevant to the report 

Control what the user sees in the report widget

In the Viewer Mode section, select either of these options:

  • Last widget editor
  • Their own perspective

After modifying your report widget, select Save.

Learn more about controlling widget content when the source is a report

Things to know when using the report widget

  • A maximum of 150 rows can appear from the report. If you need to display more than that on a dashboard, you can create multiple reports and report widgets.
  • The report widget won’t show any data if you publish your dashboard with the Their own perspective viewer mode on. This message also appears in the report widget: This widget has an advanced option applied and can’t be displayed in a published dashboard.
  • The Attachments and Comments columns from the report won't appear in the widget.
  • Only Grid and Gantt Views can be displayed in the widget.

Removing the user who created a report or chart widget

There may be times when you need to revoke access from a collaborator who created a report or chart widget from the dashboard or the source data. When you remove their access to the report or chart widget, or the underlying source data, the widget stops displaying the report data. It’ll show an error message instead.

You must be an Admin on the dashboard and a Viewer on the sheet or report.

If you need to remove a collaborator's sharing permissions but still need to keep the data on the dashboard, make one of the following adjustments:

  • Create a copy of the dashboard.
  • Edit the widget, and reselect the desired sheet or report. 
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