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Apply Custom Formatting to Your Chart


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Find various chart formatting options (for example, changing the font on the titles & legends) underneath their respective sections on the right side of the Edit Chart Widget form.

To do this

Follow these steps

Switch how columns and rows are plotted on your chart for a different view of the data

Click Switch rows/columns

Chart only on certain columns from the selected range.

Click Columns Included and select only the columns you want to display.

Change the chart type

Click the tile of the chart type that you want to use

Add a title to your chart and/or axes

Expand the Title & Legend section and enter your titles as needed

  • When adding a title, make sure the Show Title toggle is turned on. 
  • To change the format of a title, click in that title’s text in  and then use the formatting buttons to make changes to that title

Add or move a legend on your chart

Expand the Title & Legend section and select one of the following options:

  • None
  • Top
  • Right
  • Bottom
  • Left

Add gridlines to your chart (except Pie Charts)

Expand the Horizontal Axis or Vertical Axis sections and enable the Show tick mark lines toggle

Label slices of a pie or donut chart with percentage of the whole or actual values

Expand the Pie Chart or Donut Chart section, make sure that Slice Label is checked, and use the dropdown to select one of the following:

  • Percentage
  • Value

Change the colors of data or add labels to data plotted in your chart

Expand the Series section and choose which item to apply formatting to.

NOTE: The Default option will apply to all data in the chart

Ignore the text labels that you’ve typed in the cells of your table

Check the box for Use column names as labels

Edit the interaction of the widget (interaction is what happens when you click the widget)

Click Edit Interaction and choose one of the interaction options:

  • Do nothing (no action)
  • Open the source sheet
  • Go to a URL
  • Open a Smartsheet item

Line charts: fill the area below the line with the line's respective color

Expand the Series section and check the box for Fill

Pie and Donut charts: display as a half-pie or half-donut

Expand the Pie Chart or Donut Chart section and check the box for Semicircle

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