Organizing and Navigating

Organizing and Navigating

Bulk action toolbar

You can take action on groups of assets using the bulk action toolbar. 

Search in Brandfolder

Searching in Brandfolder is a core mechanism that increases the findability of your most valuable assets....

View options

The view options menu can be found on the right side of the screen and has various editable components....

Custom color bar

How do I enable to custom color bar?

Manage your Brandfolder subscription

Account owners can view their subscription details to manage their limits.

Merge assets

You can use the Merge function in the Bulk Action bar to merge existing

Sort a Brandfolder

Assets can be sorted by position, creation date, upload date, update date, and more.


If you can search for it, then you can also save it with Pins.

Utilize Brandfolder structure to search

Guest users can use pins, sections, labels, advanced filters, and view options to search their organization’s Brandfolder.

Set up custom fields

Custom Fields provide a controlled taxonomy tool by adding key/value pairs to your assets.

Customize sections

Sections allow you to organize your assets by deliverable types.

Upload assets

How do I upload assets?

Customize your Brandfolder look & feel

Custom Themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your Brandfolder.


Brandfolder’s labels are an enhanced organization and findability feature meant to resemble an organization's existing folder structure.<

Tag Assets

Tagging is a recommended best practice and one of the fundamental steps to organizing your assets in Brandfolder.

Guest upload

Admins can quickly receive guest collateral using the guest upload feature, allowing you to quickly gather content through an upload link

Advanced filters

Brandfolder's advanced filters enable point-and-click discovery of assets, all based on your unique taxonomy.