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  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

All Brandfolder users can adjust the view options settings.

View options

Users can view their assets in list or thumbnail view, change the amount of assets visible in each section, toggle on/off custom fields and empty sections, and display any other languages used in their Brandfolder.


  • Brandfolder


All Brandfolder users can adjust the view options settings.

The view options menu can be found on the right side of the screen and has various editable components. 

Brandfolder Image
View options settings


Thumbnail view

By default, Brandfolder displays assets in thumbnail view, creating a visually intuitive approach to content discovery. You can see an asset preview, asset name, file type if multiple files are included, and a selection box on the thumbnail. Hovering over the asset surfaces offers quick edit and download buttons.

Brandfolder Image
thumbnail view of asset cards

List View

Brandfolder's list view optimizes space and consolidates critical asset information - including small previews, names, tags, and file types - at a glance. Toggle to list view in the View Options menu.

Brandfolder Image
List view of asset cards

Assets per section and pagination   

As you scroll through your Brandfolder, the currently viewable Section and Pages (if applicable) will stick to the top of your window.  Brandfolder will automatically create a new page within each Section when your asset volume exceeds 32. Pagination helps speed up load times of large-scale Brandfolders, providing quick asset delivery in a manageable interface.  You can adjust the number of assets per section to: 10, 32, 75, 150, 300, and 1000.

Show custom fields

Toggling on the show custom fields option will enable prioritized custom fields to display within the asset preview. Only five custom fields can be prioritized in a Brandfolder. Learn how to prioritize custom fields

Show empty sections

You can simply toggle on or off the show empty sections option to hide empty sections.  If you toggle this on, when you attempt to upload assets into a brand-new section, the option to upload will not be there.

Asset Info

If your account includes multiple languages, you can use this setting to choose what language to display asset info and tags in. Learn more about multi-language asset details

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