Schedule view and approvals

Schedule view and approvals

Schedule view

Use the schedule

The schedule provides an interactive visual representation of what people are working on, when, and if they’re overbooked.

Sort by availability in the schedule view

The schedule helps you visualize when your team is available to work and when they’re staffed to capacity.

Sort and filter the schedule view

Learn how to use the Schedule page. 

View allocation heatmap

At the top of the screen, select Schedule. To expand the left menu, select Everyone. Select People and then select Allocation Heatmap....

Schedule overview

The Schedule shows project timelines and assignments across your organization.

Edit assignments

Use the edit menu to remove, reassign, edit, or split assignments on your schedule.

Configure holidays and weekends

Holidays and weekends can be configured in order to accurately budget time.

Project schedule tips

Scheduling resources on a project up front, rather than on a weekly or daily basis will give you better insight into your team’s availabi

Assign leave time to the schedule

Resource Management allows you to create different types of time off and add that time off to the schedule so you know who's available to

Configure leave types and official holidays

Add leave assignments the same way you would add project assignments....


Set up approvals

To activate approvals, go to Account Settings > Approval Workflow. Set who approves time and/or expenses in the person's profile settings....

Audit approvals

Resourcing Administrators can activate Approvals.

Add approvers to a profile

When you activate approvals, Approver appears in the left sidebar on people pages and shows who approves a person's time and/or expenses.

Unlock a time or expense report

Unlock an approved time report to edit it.

Bulk approve billed hours

After your team bills their hours, use Bulk Approve in Account Settings to lock all time entries up to an