Set up approvals

Applies to

Resource Management

You can enable approvals for time, expenses, or both. 

You must be an administrator to activate Approvals. To activate approvals, go to Account Settings > Approval Workflow

Set who approves time and/or expenses in the person's profile settings.

Approval settings:

  • For time entries
    • Enables time approvals
  • For expenses
    • Enables expense approvals
  • Send email notifications for time and expense approvals
    • Sends an email notification to the approver(s) when time or expenses are submitted
    • Sends a notification and notes to the submitter when time or expenses are approved or rejected
    • NOTE:  This setting is separate from activity notifications
  • Allow approvers to unlock time and expenses
    • When disabled only Admins will be able to unlock time

How Approvals Affects Incurred Hours and Amounts

Activating approvals for time entries adds Approved hours only to Account SettingsIncurred Hours and Amounts

When you track Approved hours only, Resource Management limits incurred project hour calculations to approved time only and applies a default approval status filter to reports. Only approved hours are shown as incurred by default. 

You can still filter reports on unapproved hours by changing the approval status filter.

How Approvals Impacts Incurred Expenses


Activating approvals for expenses adds Approved expenses only to Account SettingsIncurred Expenses

When you track Approved expenses only, Resource Management limits incurred project expenses to approved expenses only.

Bulk Approve Past Time & Expenses

To bulk approve past time and expense entries:

  1. In Account Settings, scroll down to the Approval Workflow section and then click Bulk Approve.
  2. Select Save and Continue.
  3. On the Bulk Approve page, select the options you want to use. You can approve all time entries, expense entries, or both up to and including a date you choose.
  4. Select Approve all.

Double-check your selections; Bulk Approve cannot be undone.

Bulk approving