Turn On Approvals in Account Settings

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Approvals can be turned on by an Administrator in the account through Account Settings > Approval Workflow. You have the option of enabling approvals for time entries and expenses:

Approval workflow options

How Approvals Impacts Incurred Hours and Amounts

Once approvals for time entries are turned on, a new option for Incurred Hours and Amounts will be available called Approved hours only. This option allows you to limit incurred hours calculations to only time that has been approved.

Incurred hours and amounts options

How Approvals Impacts Incurred Expenses

Once approvals for expenses are turned on, a new option for Incurred Expenses will be available called Approved expenses only. This option allows you to limit incurred expenses calculations to only ones that have been approved.

Turn on expenses

Bulk Approve Past Time & Expenses

When you turn on Approvals for the first time, you might want to approve all time and expense entries in the past, up to a certain date. If this is the case, you can use the Bulk Approve button located in your Account Settings.

To bulk approve past time and expense entries:

  1. In Account Settings, find the Approval Workflow section.Select the grey Bulk Approve button.
  2. You will be asked to save any changes you might have made your account. Select Save and Continue.
  3. On the Bulk Approve page, you’ll have the option to approve all time entries, expense entries, or both up to and including a date you choose.
  4. Select Approve all.

Please use care when bulk approving, this action cannot be undone.

Bulk approving