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Resource Management


Who can use this capability

Resourcing Administrators are responsible for enabling approvals.

Add approvers to a profile

When you activate approvals, approver appears in the left sidebar on people pages. Approver shows who approves a person's time and/or expenses.


  • Resource Management


Resourcing Administrators are responsible for enabling approvals.

Use approver to filter people's profile pages, portfolio, schedules, and reports. Use this property to define who can approve time for specific people.

By default, only Resourcing Admins can approve time, but you can add specific people as approvers or have project owners approve time and/or expenses on projects they own.

Add an approver to a person's profile

  1. Go to the profile you want to work with and select Edit Profile.
  2. Scroll down to Approval Workflow and select Approver(s) from the dropdown. 
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Save.

Add multiple approvers to multiple people 

If you're working with a lot of people and approvers, you may find faster to export the data, update it, and import it back into Resource Management. 

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > People. 
  2. Select Add/Update People.
  3. Select Export People List.
  4. Open the downloaded CSV file in a spreadsheet tool. Locate the approvers column. 
  5. In the approvers column, add the User ID numerical value (found in the first column) for a particular person's approver(s).

    For example:
    Brooklyn approves time for Kelly. Brooklyn's User ID (701923) appears in the ID column in the downloaded spreadsheet.
    In the approvers column in Kelly's row, add Brooklyn's ID (701923). You can include the name of the approver (for example "701923 Brooklyn") for reference.
    For multiple approvers, separate additional approver User IDs with a semicolon. 
  6. Save the CSV.
  7. On the add/update people page, select Choose File, select the CSV and then click Upload
  8. Verify your changes in Resource Management.

CSV document example for adding multiple approvers to multiple people

Allow project owners to approve time and expenses on their projects

Project owners can approve time and expenses for their projects if an administrator enables this ability for your account. Some key things to keep in mind are:

  • Project owners will see the time and expense sheets for people assigned to projects they own.
  • Project owners will only see the time and expenses for their projects. If a person is working on multiple projects simultaneously, time and expenses for other people's projects will be omitted.
  • Adding project based approvers doesn't affect existing approvers. 


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