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Use the Schedule to understand your team’s capacity and adjust the plan as projects change. The Schedule helps you communicate the plan of record, showing the planned project timelines and assignments across your organization. The Schedule also helps your team stay up to date with the most current project staffing.

When you make a change on the Schedule, the information on Project pages and on people’s timesheets will update in real-time.

From the Schedule, you can:

  • Review all project assignments

  • Prioritize by color: blue = confirmed (billable), gray = tentative (billable), purple = internal (non-billable) and orange = office leave

  • View the Schedule by day, week, or month

  • Monitor availability and over-scheduling and adjust allocation as needed

  • Search for team members, skills, or roles to determine who is available to start new projects

  • Add assignments by selecting the project or person. 

For more information on adding assignments, see Manage Project Schedule

The Schedule has two main views:

  • People View: This view pivots the Schedule by team member, and is the default view for the Schedule.

  • Project View: This view pivots the Schedule by project.

You can navigate between the two views in the filter menu, in the upper left corner of the Schedule.

Zoom in on schedule using the Day, Week, or Month view in the upper left corner, and navigate through different months on the schedule using your keyboard.

Collapse details of the schedule by navigating to the Filter menu and selecting Hide Details for a consolidated view. For more information on filtering, see Sort and Filter your Schedule.

People View

People View

In People View, you will see team members on the left side of the schedule, and projects assigned to team members across the timeline.

Availability in the person’s schedule will show as a light gray block. If the person is overbooked, you will see red warnings in the schedule. Weekends and holidays are represented by gray vertical bars. For more information on account settings for weekends and holidays, see Configure Holidays and Weekends

Each assignment is sent to the individual time sheets of the individual. For more information on individual pages, see Personal Page Overview.

Projects View

Projects View

In Projects View, you will see Projects on the left side, with the project duration displayed on the timeline.

You can select the Show Details button or hover over a project and select the Show Details icon to expand details for projects.