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Schedule overview


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The Schedule shows project timelines and assignments across your organization. Use the Schedule to understand your team’s capacity, see current project staffing, and adjust assignments as projects change. 

When you make a change on the Schedule, information Project pages and timesheets updates in real-time.

Using the schedule

On the schedule you can:

  • Review project assignments
  • See and update project status
  • View the Schedule by day, week, or month
  • Adjust project allocation as needed, watching for under-utilized or overcommitted team members.
  • Find team members, skills, or roles for new projects
  • Assign people to projects.

There are two ways to view the Schedule: People View, by team member (default) and Project View, by project.

  • Use the filter menu in the upper left corner of the Schedule to switch between views. 
  • Use Day, Week, or Month view in the upper left corner to zoom in or out.
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through the schedule by month. 

People view

Screenshot of People view in Resource Management, left pane shows focus is on People view

In People View, team members appear in the left column, with projects assigned to team members across the timeline.

Availability shows as a light gray block. If the person is overbooked, red warnings appear in the schedule. Weekends and holidays are represented by gray vertical bars. You can also use the Allocation Heatmap to easily identify who’s overcommitted. 

Assignments also appear on time sheets for each person. When you change an assignment on the Schedule, it’s automatically updated on the relevant timesheets.

Projects View

Screenshot of Project View in Resource Managment; top left corner shows focus is on Projects.

In Projects View, Projects appear in the left column with the project duration displayed on the timeline.

You can show or hide details for a specific project. Hover over the project to get a quick look. Click the project and then click Show Details or Hide Details

Capacity view

In capacity view, your selected grouping (discipline or role) appears on the left column, with group capacity and utilization across the monthly timeline. 

  • Blue cells display the team is either at capacity or can take on new work. 
  • Red cells provide insights into over-utilized groups. 
  • Light red indicates the group is >100% and <150%. 
  • Dark red indicates that the group is >150% utilized. Click any cell to drill down to the allocation heatmap and update assignments.

Learn more about capacity view

Undo or redo an action

Undo or redo changes made to the Schedule during an active browser session. You can undo or redo up to 100 common scheduling changes, such as creating, removing, or modifying assignments.

Refreshing the page, filtering the content, or changing between People and Project views will clear your undo history. 

The following actions can not be undone, and performing the action will clear the undo history:

  • Remove overlapping assignments
  • Split assignment
  • Repeat assignment
  • Shift project or phase
  • Change project type

To undo or redo a change on the Schedule:

To undo or redo an action select Undo/Redo on the timeline bar. You can select Undo/Redo to undo or redo multiple actions. 

On your keyboard, select Ctrl + Z (PC)  or  Command + Z (Mac)  to undo, and Ctrl + Y (PC) or Command + Y (Mac) to redo.

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