Bulk Approve Billed Hours

Applies to

Resource Management

After your team bills their hours, use Bulk Approve in Account Settings to lock all time entries up to and including a particular date.

Only Admins can perform this task.

Warning: Bulk Approval can not be undone.  

To bulk approve billed hours and/or expenses:

  1. In Account Settings, scroll down to Approval Workflow and then click Bulk Approve
  2. Click Save and Continue
  3. Select the items you want to approve, hours, expenses, or both. 
  4. Select the date at which you want to lock and bulk approve all hours or expenses. 
  5. Double check your entries; you can not undo Bulk Approve. When you’re sure you have the settings right, click Bulk Approve.This locks all entries; your team will not be able to make any more changes.