Asset Management

Asset Management


Metasheets allow editable users to change a group of assets in bulk.


Workspace is an innovative way for creatives and marketers to organize and collaborate on projects within Brandfolder.

Video management

Brandfolder’s video editor makes it easy to store, transcode, distribute, clip, and add watermarks within our video editor.

Recover a deleted asset

Deleted assets can be recovered in the advanced tab of general settings.

Multi-language asset details and bulk translations

Asset names, descriptions, tags, and custom fields can be added in multiple languages.

Version workflows

Versioning workflow helps to maintain the consistency of your current assets by easily enabling your users to check out assets when they

Dependent custom fields

Dependent custom fields allow you to build out one level of a cascading relationship between custom fields.

Bulk resize and convert assets

Save time by resizing and editing multiple assets in batch mode.

Custom workflow and approvals

Custom workflow and approvals guarantee that no asset will be able to be consumed before it has the necessary approval from the administr

Downloading in Brandfolder

Download individual assets

There are multiple ways to download an individual asset or attachment from within the Brandfolder.

Download assets in bulk

There are multiple ways to download assets in bulk from within the Brandfolder.